Are you searching for exciting job openings at the Philippine Air Force Human Resource Management Center?

Look no more! PAF has 100 plus job vacancies ready for qualified individuals like yourself.

Whether you’re starting your career or aiming for advancement, we have positions that may be the ideal match for you.

Below, you’ll find information about the available positions, including the requirements and salaries of this PAF HRMC Job vacancies.

PAF HRMC Job Vacancies

On December 21, 2023, opportunities were shared on the verified Facebook page of the Human Resource Management Center of the Philippine Air Force.

How to Apply for PAF HRMC Job Vacancies

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the positions. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Documents

  • First, you need to gather all the necessary documents. Here’s what you’ll need:
    • A completely filled-out Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with a recent passport-sized photo. And be Guided by “Guide on Filling-Up CSC PDS Form
    • If applicable, your performance rating from your last rating period.
    • An authenticated copy of your certificate of eligibility, rating, or license.
    • An authenticated copy of your Transcript of Records and Diploma.
    • Your Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract (PSA).
    • Various local clearances: Barangay Clearance, Mayor’s Clearance, Police Clearance, RTC Court Clearance, NBI Clearance, and D.I. PNP Clearance.

Step 2: Write an Application Letter

  • Write a letter expressing your interest in the position. In the letter, mention that you are attaching the required documents. Make sure to do this professionally and clearly.

Step 3: Send Your Application

  • Once you’ve gathered all your documents and written the application letter, it’s time to send your application. Here’s how:
    • Scan all your documents to have digital copies.
    • Attach these scanned documents to your application letter.

Step 4: Compose Your Application Email

  • Open your email application and compose a new email. In the subject line of the email, make sure to include the keyword “APPLICATION.” This is important.

Step 5: Send Your Application Via Email

You’ll need to email your application to the provided email address. Here are the details:

  • Email Address:
  • Ensure that you send your application before the deadline, which is January 16, 2024.

Step 6: Register Online

  • After sending the email, you’ll also need to register online. To do this, click on the provided link: [pafhrmc-application-form]. This link will take you to an online registration form.

Step 7: Fill Out the Online Form

  • Complete the online registration form by providing the required information. Make sure to double-check the details for accuracy.

Step 8: Submit the Online Form

  • Once you’ve filled out the online form, submit it as instructed.

Step 9: Contact Information 

  • If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact them at this number: 0955 058 0826. 

Step 7: Wait for a Response

  • Remember that they can only respond during office hours, so be patient while waiting for a response.

That’s it! You’ve successfully applied for the position. Good luck with your application!


Remember to complete all these steps and submit your application by the deadline, which is not later than January 16, 2024.


If you’re looking for job opportunities with the Philippine Air Force Human Resource Management Center, your search ends here! 

There are 100+ vacancies available for qualified individuals, whether you’re starting your career or aiming for advancement. Join this prestigious organization and don’t miss this chance.

Remember to prepare by gathering your documents, writing a professional application letter, and emailing it to with the subject line “APPLICATION” before the deadline on January 16, 2024

Also, complete the online registration form carefully. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact PAF HRMC at 0955 058 0826 during office hours.

Good luck with your application! May your journey with the Philippine Air Force HRMC be successful and fulfilling.


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