Important Notice to Jobseekers: is NOT a Hiring Agency or Recruitment Partner


Dear Jobseekers,

We want to clarify that is NOT a hiring agency, manpower agency, or recruitment partner in any capacity. We do not engage in job placements, employment facilitation, or recruitment services. Our platform,, solely functions as an infomediary, providing information and resources related to various industries and opportunities.

Kindly be cautious of any misleading information suggesting otherwise. We do not charge fees for job placements, nor are we affiliated with any recruitment agencies. We encourage you to conduct thorough research and verify the legitimacy of any claims made by third parties using our platform.

For genuine employment opportunities, we recommend connecting directly with reputable companies and registered recruitment agencies. Your diligence and awareness are vital to ensuring a secure and successful job search experience.

Thank you for your understanding.


Philippine Go Creative Team

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