Jamill to release a ‘Comeback Video’ for their vlog

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Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, popularly known as JaMill, the renowned YouTube duo and real-life couple, will release a new video today, September 15.

Photo Courtesy: Manila Bulletin

They teased their return through their separate social media pages on September 14th.

In there, both stars shared a photo of their “vlog cam,” while Camille shared a video of Jayzam editing their movies in another post.

“Bukas na abangan!!!!” to read her caption.

It’s worth noting that it’s nearly identical to Camille’s teaser on Twitter.

“Tayo may be uploaded by Bukas. It read, “Abangan nyo ito. (smiling face with smiling eyes emoji),”

Though the couple did not specify where they intend to post the film, many anticipate it will be on YouTube.

Camille “liked” tweets from netizens such as “abangan ko vlog nyo tom” and “iloveyou both mga mahal (heart emoji) welcome back sa youtube industry!” (emoji of an embracing face)”

Camille had previously expressed her longing for her “mandirigma” family.

She also shared a tweet from an online user encouraging them to resume vlogging.

Remember that the controversial pair startled their fans last month by “deleting” their YouTube channel, which has over 12 million subscribers.

Their properties were then listed for sale a few days later.

Users on the internet expressed their assumptions.

Certain speculate that it is related to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) statement that some social media influencers have not been paying their income taxes while generating “substantial” income from social media platforms.

According to reports, some social media influencers are not registered with the BIR, or are registered under alternative tax types or lines of business, but are not revealing their revenues from social media platforms for tax purposes.

Later, the BIR issued a statement claiming that a couple who allegedly earned millions of pesos from video blogging (vlogging) unexpectedly removed their social media channel in what BIR officials believe was an attempt to evade paying taxes.

However, the BIR stated that the pair will still be pursued, and that deactivating the social media channel will not absolve them from paying taxes.

Vloggers are categorized as self-employed and are subject to 12% VAT if their yearly income is P3 million or more, 8% VAT if it is less than that amount, and tax exemption if it is less than P250,000.

Source: Manila Bulletin