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110 Vacancies Available at Bureau of Customs, Apply Now

About BOC

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) is a government agency in the Philippines that is responsible for regulating and facilitating the movement of goods in and out of the country. Its primary mission is to collect revenue and enforce customs laws, regulations, and policies. The BOC is under the Department of Finance and is headed by a Commissioner, who is appointed by the President of the Philippines.

The BOC’s main functions include assessing and collecting duties, taxes, and fees on imported goods, as well as monitoring the entry and exit of goods from Philippine ports. The agency is also responsible for preventing the entry of contraband and other illegal goods, including drugs and weapons, into the country. It operates on a risk management system that employs state-of-the-art technology and intelligence gathering to identify high-risk shipments.

In addition to its core functions, the BOC also plays a vital role in promoting trade and economic development in the Philippines. It works closely with other government agencies and stakeholders to develop and implement policies and programs that foster a competitive and conducive business environment. The BOC also ensures that trade flows smoothly by minimizing bureaucratic red tape and streamlining customs procedures.

To achieve its goals, the BOC has implemented several reforms in recent years, including the adoption of an electronic customs clearance system, the implementation of a post-clearance audit program, and the establishment of a one-stop-shop for import and export processing. These reforms have helped the agency to improve its efficiency, increase revenue collection, and reduce corruption.

Overall, the Bureau of Customs plays a critical role in protecting the country’s borders, promoting trade, and contributing to economic growth. Its commitment to excellence and innovation has made it a respected and trusted institution in the Philippines and a model for customs agencies around the world.

As such, the Bureau of Customs is always looking for highly qualified and motivated individuals to join its team. The agency is currently offering several vacant positions and is inviting job seekers who are interested in working for a dynamic and exciting organization to apply. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are passionate about promoting trade and economic development in the Philippines and want to make a positive impact in their communities.

Here are some of the open vacancies that the Bureau of Customs is currently looking to fill:

BOC Vacant Positions

  • One (1) Administrative Aide II (SG2/ Php 13,819 Monthly Salary)
  • Three (3) Administrative Aide IV (SG4/ Php 15,586 Monthly Salary)
  • Five (5) Intelligence Agent I (SG8/ Php 19,744 Monthly Salary)
  • Eleven (11) Special Agent I (SG8/ Php 19,744 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Administrative Officer I (SG10/ Php 23,176 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Intelligence Agent II (SG10/ Php 23,176 Monthly Salary)
  • Eleven (11) Special Agent II (SG10/ Php 23,176 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Administrative Officer II (SG11/ Php 27,000 Monthly Salary)
  • Six (6) Intelligence Officer I (SG11/ Php 27,000 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Intelligence Officer II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Special Investigator II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Executive Assistant II (SG17/ Php 43,030 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Attorney II (SG18/ Php 46,725 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Attorney III (SG21/ Pjp 63,997 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Intelligence Officer IV (SG22/ Php 71,511 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Attorney IV (SG23/ Php 80,003 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Attorney V (SG25/ Php 102,690 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Administrative Aide I (SG1/ Php 13,000 Monthly Salary)
  • Three (3) Seaman (SG3/ Php 14,678 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Administrative Aide IV (SG4/ Php 15,586 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Marine Engineman I (SG4/ Php 15,586 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Quartermaster (SG4/ Php 15,586 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Electronics and Communications Equipment Technician I (SG6/ Php 17,553 Monthly Salary)
  • Forty-seven (47) Special Agent I (SG8/ Php 19,744 Monthly Salary)
  • Three (3) Special Police Captain (SG13/ Php 31,320 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Communications Equipment Operator V (SG13/ Php 31,320 Monthly Salary)

The Bureau of Customs highly encourages all interested and qualified applicants including persons with disability (PWD), and members of the indigenous communities irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity, to apply.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified applicants must submit application requirements thru the BOC ONLINE APPLICATION PORTAL not later than the mentioned deadline below.

An applicant shall only apply for one position per publication. In case the applicant has submitted multiple applications under one publication, the first application shall be considered for processing. The following are the application requirements to be uploaded thru the BOC Online Application Portal (, to wit:

  • Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212 Revised 2017) which can be downloaded HERE;
  • Performance Rating in the present position for the last rating period, which should be at least Very Satisfactory (shall be required for government employees);
  • For positions involving practice of profession (e.g l. Accountant II, Attorney, Nurse, etc.): AUTHENTICATED and Valid Professional License/ Certificate of Registration/ Report of Rating issued by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) or Supreme Court (SC).
    • For positions not involving practice of profession: Copy of Certificate of Eligibility;
  • Transcript of Records certified by the School Registrar or by the applicant; and
  • NBI Clearance valid until March 2024 (for External Applicants ONLY to be submitted during examination/ interview)
GLORIA Y. DIAZ Supervising Administrative Officer Human Resource Management Division, Internal Administration Group, 2/F OCOM Bldg., Bureau of Customs, Gate 3, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila (02) 5271944/ 5273622 or thru mobile number 09690379699


Instructions to All Applicants

BOC Online Application Process

Application Deadline

Note that ALL applications must be submitted through the BOC Online Application Portal. Further, submission of hard copies of application documents is no longer required. Closing date of the subject publication is on JUNE 30, 2023.

For questions and/or clarifications, the BOC Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) may be reached thru or 0927 025 0874.


By joining the Bureau of Customs, applicants will have the chance to work with a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. They will gain valuable experience in customs regulations, revenue collection, and border control, and will have access to extensive training and development opportunities. They will also have the opportunity to contribute to the agency’s mission of promoting trade and economic development in the Philippines.

The Bureau of Customs is an excellent place to work for anyone who is looking for a challenging and rewarding career. The agency offers competitive salary packages, a comprehensive benefits package, and excellent opportunities for career growth and advancement. If you are a job seeker who is passionate about promoting trade and economic development in the Philippines, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Don’t miss this chance to join a dynamic and exciting organization and make a positive impact in your community. Apply today!

Source: Bureau of Customs

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