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33 Positions Available at PSA Central Office, Apply Now

About PSA Central Office

The PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) Central Office is the main office of the agency, located in Quezon City, Philippines. It is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the agency’s functions and operations. The Central Office is headed by the National Statistician and Civil Registrar General, who oversees the agency’s vision, mission, and strategic plans.

One of the most notable features of the PSA Central Office is its state-of-the-art facilities. The office is equipped with modern technology and equipment, including high-speed internet, advanced computer systems, and cutting-edge software for statistical analysis. These facilities enable the agency to efficiently and effectively carry out its mandate of collecting, compiling, analyzing, publishing, and disseminating official statistical information.

The PSA Central Office is also home to a dedicated and competent team of professionals who are committed to excellence in their work. The agency’s employees are highly skilled and trained in various fields, including statistics, information technology, and management. The office has a positive and supportive work culture, which fosters teamwork, collaboration, and innovation, making it a great place to work.

Another notable feature of the PSA Central Office is its outreach programs. The agency is committed to reaching out to all sectors of society, including the marginalized and vulnerable groups. The Central Office organizes various training programs, seminars, and workshops to educate and empower the public on statistical concepts, data collection, and analysis. These programs are aimed at enhancing the statistical literacy of the public and improving their capacity to use statistical data for decision-making.

In addition, the PSA Central Office plays a vital role in supporting the government’s development agenda. The agency provides essential statistical data that serves as a basis for the formulation and implementation of policies and programs. The data collected by the Central Office is used by various government agencies, the private sector, and civil society organizations to make informed decisions and measure the impact of their programs and projects.

Overall, the PSA Central Office is a beacon of excellence and a center of innovation in the field of statistics. Its modern facilities, dedicated employees, outreach programs, and support for the government’s development agenda make it an indispensable institution in the Philippines.

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PSA Central Office Vacant Positions

The following are the list of positions with its salary grade and below is the attached PDF of its qualification standards:

  • One (1) Chief Statistical Specialist (Salary Grade 24)
  • One (1) Information Technology Officer III (Salary Grade 24)
  • One (1) Planning Officer IV (Salary Grade 22)
  • One (1) Supervising Administrative Officer (Salary Grade 22)
  • One (1) Supervising Statistical Specialist (Salary Grade 22)
  • One (1) Accountant III (Salary Grade 19)
  • One (1) Information Technology Officer I (Salary Grade 19)
  • One (1) Attorney II (Salary Grade 18)
  • One (1) Planning Officer III (Salary Grade 18)
  • Two (2) Registration Officer III (Salary Grade 18)
  • Three (3) Statistical Specialist II (Salary Grade 16)
  • One (1) Information Systems Analyst II (Salary Grade 16)
  • One (1) Information Officer II (Salary Grade 15)
  • One (1) Administrative Officer III (Salary Grade 14)
  • Five (5) Registration Officer II (Salary Grade 14)
  • Three (3) Statistical Specialist I (Salary Grade 13)
  • One (1) Administrative Officer II (Salary Grade 11)
  • One (1) Internal Auditor I (Salary Grade 11)
  • Three (3) Statistical Analyst (Salary Grade 11)
  • One (1) Registration Officer I (Salary Grade 10)
  • One (1) Assistant Information Officer (Salary Grade 8)
  • One (1) Internal Auditing Assistant (Salary Grade 8)

PSA Central Office Place of Assignments

ONSOffice of the National Statistician
PMSPlanning and Management Service
SMUStatistical Methdology Unit
ICUInternational Cooperation Unit
IADInteral Audit Division
LSLegal Service
ODNSOffice of the Deputy National Statistician
SSOSectoral Statistics Office
MASMacroeconomic Accounts Service
PADProduction Accounts Division
EADExpenditure Accounts Division
IADIntegrated Accounts Division
SADSatellite Accounts Division
AADAgricultural Accounts Division
ENRADEnvironment and Natural Resources Accounts Division
ESSSEconomic Sector Statistics Service
PSDPrice Statistics Division
SSDServices Statistics Division
ISDIndustry Statistics Division
TSDTrade Statistics Division
CSDCrops Statistics Division
LPSDLivestock and Poultry Statistics Division
FSDFisheries Statistics Division
SSSSSocial Sector Statistics Service
IESDIncome and Employment Statistics Division
LSRSDLabor Standards and Relations Statistics Division
EDSDEmployment Demand Statistics Division
DHSDDemographic and Health Statistics Division
PHDSDPoverty and Human Development Statistics Division
SDSDSocial Development Statistics Division
CTCOCensus and Technical Coordination Office
NCSNational Censuses Service
PHCDPopulation and Housing Census Division
AFCDAgriculture and Fisheries Census Division
SICDService and Industry Census Division
CPCDCensus Planning and Coordination Division
SSStandards Service
SPPDStatistical Policies and Programs Division
SSDStatistical Standards Division
SCDStatistical Classification Division
ITDSInformation Technology and Dissemination Service
SDDSystems Development Division
SOIDSystems Operations and Infractracture Division
SQADSystems Quality Assurance Division
RDMDRegisters and Database Management Division
KMCDKnowledge Management and Communications Division
CRCSOCivil Registration and Central Support Office
CRSCivil Registration Service
CRSDCivil Registration Services Division
CRMDCivil Register Management Division
FASFinance and Administrative Service
HRDHuman Resources Division
BDBudget Division
ADAccounting Division
GSDGeneral Services Division

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Requirements Needed

  • Scanned copy of the signed APPLICATION LETTER stating the specific position title with salary grade (SG) level and the specific place of assignment as posted. An applicant may apply for a maximum of two (2) positions in the same posting period; The application letter must be addressed to:
Dennis S. Mapa, Ph.D.
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General
  • Scanned copy of duly accomplished and wet signed PERSONAL DATA SHEET (PDS) with recent ID picture taken within three (3) months prior to submission of application (CSC Form No. 212, Revised  2017), wet signed, and duly subscribed and sworn to before an authorized administering officer within the posting/filing period (refer to Guide to Filling Out the Personal Data Sheet or CSC MC No. 16, s. 2017);
  • Scanned copy of signed WORK EXPERIENCE SHEET (CSC Form No. 212 – as Attachment to PDS);
  • Scanned copy of AUTHENTICATED ELIGIBILITY (CSC, RA 1080, PD 907, etc.) (not applicable to PSA permanent employees unless with additional eligibility);
  • Scanned copy of TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS (not applicable to PSA permanent employees unless with changes in educational attainment);
  • Scanned copy of CERTIFICATE/S OF TRAINING participated within the last five years relevant to the position applied for (if applicable);
  • Scanned copy of a certified true copy of completely signed INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE COMMITMENT REVIEW (IPCR) or its equivalent for the last rating period (for applicants with work experience); and
  •  For SG 24 applicants: Scanned copy of certification from authorized officer, indicating that they are performing supervisory functions, including the specific period and number of subordinates.

Additional Instructions for Strict Compliance

  1. PSA respects the Next-in-Rank principle in the Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions (ORAOHRA) subject to qualification standards and requirements of the position. However, failure to submit the application and/or PSA Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (PSA – HRMPSB) Form 2 (Waiver as Next-in-Rank Form) by any PSA employee considered as next-in-rank is automatically a waiver of his/her privilege;
  2. The PSA reserves the right to suspend or terminate the hiring process for whatever reason, or exclude/disqualify applicant/s for failure to comply any of the foregoing requirements and instructions without incurring liabilities against them, particularly on the proper filling out of PDS as prescribed by the Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 16, s. 2017;
  3. Applicants must present the original copy of the documents/attachments to the Secretariat before the interview as necessary. In case the interview is online or via video conference platform and it is difficult for the candidate to appear before the Secretariat, the presentation of original documents for verification of authenticities is subject to instruction of the Secretariat appropriate for the situation. Inability to present any of these documents will lead to automatic disqualification;
  4. Application and documents submitted after the deadline,16 June 2023, will not be considered;
  5. Any inaccurate information that affects the qualification of the applicant to the position he/she is applying for, i.e., accomplishment of Part III (Educational Background), Part IV (Civil Service Eligibility), Part V (Work Experience), and Part VII (Learning and Development (L&D) Interventions/Training Programs Attended), and absence of other substantial entries such as signature of the applicant on each page and signature of the authorized person to administer the oath on page 4, which are not compliant with the said CSC MCs shall be grounds for exclusion from the recruitment process. Incomplete attachments and/or incomplete information or signature within a particular attachment will not be considered; and
  6. Interviews of pre-qualified applicants will be conducted on such schedule as agreed upon by the members of National/Central Office/ Regional Office Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (N/CO/RO HRMPSB) at the Philippine Statistics Authority, Eton Centris Complex, EDSA cor. Quezon Ave., Diliman, Quezon City.

The PSA Human Resource Merit Selection Board may conduct online interview or may change the venue of the interview subject to one (1) day prior notice to the concerned applicants via email or through a phone call.

How to Apply

Filing Period	: 01 June 2023 to 16 June 2023 Where to File Applications: Applications are online Please check PSA website at Please register your PSA Applicant Portal Account at For inquiries:	Telephone no. (02) 8374 8260 Email the Secretariat at


For job seekers who are looking for an exciting and fulfilling career path, the PSA Central Office is an excellent choice. The agency offers many benefits and opportunities to its employees, making it an attractive workplace for those who are passionate about data analysis and making a meaningful impact.

Working at the PSA Central Office provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of the country by collecting and analyzing statistical data that is essential for policy-making and decision-making. The work is challenging, but it is also rewarding, as employees have the chance to make a real difference in the lives of people across the country.

Moreover, the PSA Central Office provides its employees with many benefits, including competitive compensation packages, allowances, and benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans. The agency also offers opportunities for career growth and development through training and development programs, making it an excellent place for employees to learn and acquire new skills.

In addition, the PSA Central Office has a positive and supportive work culture, which encourages teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. The agency values diversity and inclusivity and provides a safe and respectful work environment for all its employees.

Overall, the PSA Central Office is a great place to work, offering many benefits and opportunities for those who are passionate about data analysis and making a difference in society. Interested job seekers are encouraged to consider applying for positions at the PSA Central Office and to take advantage of the many benefits and opportunities that the agency has to offer.

Source: PSA
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