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Former Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed Joint Resolution No. 1, which provided for the increase in the base pay of military and uniformed personnel in the government.

The Joint Resolution specifically covers personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), and the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA).

According to the Joint Resolution, the basic salary of these individuals saw an average boost of 58%.

This enhancement was rolled out in three stages: the initial phase took effect in January 2018, followed by the second and third phases in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The primary goal of the Joint Resolution was to raise the earnings of military and uniformed personnel.

This intended to provide them with a better quality of life and to tackle concerns of corruption and low morale that were affecting their groups.

This salary increase was well-received by the military and uniformed personnel and their families as it helped to address the long-standing issue of low pay, which was seen as one of the reasons why some personnel were prone to corruption.

It also helped to improve the overall morale and welfare of these personnel, who play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of the Filipino people.

PNP Salary 2023

The PNP has introduced new abbreviations and classifications for ranks, which will now be preceded by the word “Police” in accordance with the new law. The updated PNP Salary Grade for 2023, along with the new rank classifications and abbreviations in the PNP, are provided below.

PNP Rank (Old)New RankSalary
Police Officer I(PO1)Patrolman/Patrolwoman, PatPhp 29,668
Police Officer II (PO2)Police Corporal, PCplPhp 30,867
Police Officer III(PO3)Police Staff Sergeant, PSSgPhp 32,114
Senior Police Officer I (SPO1)Police Master Sergeant, PMSgPhp 33,411
Senior Police Officer II (SPO2)Police Senior Master Sergeant, PSMSPhp 34,079
Senior Police Officer III (SPO3)Police Chief Master Sergeant, PCMSPhp 34,761
Senior Police Officer IV (SPO4)Police Executive Master Sergeant, PEMSPhp 38,366
Police Inspector (PINSP)Police Lieutenant, PLTPhp 49,528
Police Senior Inspector (PSINSP)Police Captain, PCPTPhp 56,582
Police Chief Inspector (PCINSP)Police Major, PMAJPhp 62,555
Police Superintendent (PSUPT)Police Lieutenant Colonel, PLTCOLPhp 71,313
Police Senior Superintendent (PSSUPT)Police Colonel, PCOLPhp 80,583
Police Chief Superintendent (PCSUPT)Police Brigadier General, PBGENPhp 91,058
Police Director (PDIR)Police Major General, PMGENPhp 102, 896
Police Deputy General (PDDG)Police Lieutenant General, PLTGENPhp 125,574
Police Director General (PDG)Police General, PGENPhp 149,785

Longevity Pay (Long Pay)

Longevity Pay, also known as Long Pay, is an additional compensation granted to uniformed personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP) who have rendered continuous and satisfactory service to the organization.

This benefit is awarded to PNP personnel who have served for at least five years, and the amount of Long Pay increases proportionally with the length of service.

The purpose of this benefit is to incentivize PNP personnel to remain in service and provide high-quality performance for an extended period.

Uniformed personnel in the department are eligible for Longevity Pay, which is equivalent to ten percent (10%) of their basic monthly salary for every five (5) years of service. The computation of the length of service begins from the date of the personnel’s initial appointment in the AFP or appointment in the police, fire, or prison, or other allied services until the integration of the PC and INP. However, the total Longevity Pay granted should not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the basic pay.

RANKBase Pay (2021)LONGPAYLONG PAY (2021)
Police General (PGEN)₱149,7855₱74,892
Police Lieutenant General (PLTGEN)₱125,5745₱62,787
Police Major General (PMGEN)₱102,8965₱51,448
Police Brigadier General (PBGEN)₱91,0585₱45,529
Police Colonel (PCOL)₱80,5835₱40,291
Police Lieutenant Colonel (PLTCOL)₱71,3134₱33,096
Police Major (PMAJ)₱62,5553₱20,706
Police Captain (PCPT)₱56,5822₱11,882
Police Lieutenant (PLT)₱49,5281₱4,953
Police Executive Master Sergeant (PEMS)₱38,3665₱19,183
Police Chief Master Sergeant (PCMS)₱34,7614₱16,133
Police Senior Master Sergeant (PSMS)₱34,0794₱15,816
Police Master Sergeant (PMSg)₱33,4113₱11,059
Police Staff Sergeant (PSSg)₱32,1142₱6,744
Police Corporal (PCpl)₱30,8671₱3,087
Patrolman / Patrolwoman (Pat)₱29,668 

Regular Allowances

All uniformed members of the PNP receive various allowances regularly, aside from their basic salary. These allowances are provided to support the daily needs of PNP personnel and their families. Some of the regular allowances given to PNP personnel include:

Quarter Allowance

This allowance is given to PNP personnel who are not provided with government quarters. The amount of the allowance depends on the rank and location of the personnel.

Police General (PGEN)₱1,500 per month
Police Lieutenant General (PLTGEN)₱1,300 per month
Police Major General (PMGEN)₱1,200 per month
Police Brigadier General (PBGEN)₱1,050 per month
Police Colonel (PCOL)₱900 per month
Police Lieutenant Colonel (PLTCOL)₱800 per month
Police Major (PMAJ)₱700 per month
Police Captain (PCPT)₱650 per month
Police Lieutenant (PLT)₱600 per month
Police Executive Master Sergeant (PEMS)₱500 per month
Police Chief Master Sergeant (PCMS)₱500 per month
Police Senior Master Sergeant (PSMS)₱500 per month
Police Master Sergeant (PMSg)₱450 per month
Police Staff Sergeant (PSSg)₱450 per month
Police Corporal (PCpl)₱400 per month
Patrolman / Patrolwoman (Pat)₱400 per month

Clothing Allowance

This allowance is given annually to PNP personnel to support their uniform requirements. The amount of the allowance depends on the rank and position of the personnel.

PNP members are required to wear uniforms on a daily basis, and to cover the cost of maintaining these uniforms, they receive a stipend. This stipend is charged at a rate of ₱200.00 per month for both officers and non-officers.

Regular Subsistence Allowance

All uniformed members of the PNP receive a stipend to support their daily meals, which is given to help offset their meal expenses. This stipend amounts to ₱150.00 per day or ₱4,500 per month.

Hazard Pay

Hazard Pay is an allowance given to compensate for the occupational hazards faced by PNP personnel due to the dangerous nature of their profession. The amount of Hazard Pay is fixed at ₱540.00 per month for all uniformed personnel.

Laundry Allowance

PNP uniformed personnel who are required to wear presentable uniforms for their regular public appearances, frequent attendance at ceremonies, and assignments to units/activities receive a laundry allowance. The rates for the laundry allowance are as follows:

  • Officers receive ₱60.00 per month, which is payable on a monthly basis.
  • Non-Officers receive ₱30.00 per month, which is also payable on a monthly basis.

This allowance is intended to support the personnel’s efforts to maintain a neat and professional appearance while in uniform.


The Medal of Valor is an honorific title awarded to PNP personnel who have demonstrated extraordinary bravery in the line of duty. Recipients of this award are entitled to a monthly gratuity of ₱20,000.

Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA)

Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) is a monthly allowance of ₱500.00 given to all PNP uniformed personnel below the rank of Police Major, including PNPA cadets. Due to the increasing cost of living, an additional incentive of ₱1,500.00 is also provided, making the current PERA amount ₱2,000.00 per month.

Hospital Subsistence Allowance

Hospital Subsistence Allowance is an allowance provided to PNP uniformed personnel while they are confined in PNP hospitals and/or dispensaries. This allowance supplements their normal subsistence allowance, reflecting the cost of free daily meals provided to them. The amount of the allowance is ₱30.00 per day.

Civil Disturbance Control (CDC) Subsistence Allowance

Civil Disturbance Control (CDC) Subsistence Allowance is an additional allowance of ₱30.00 per day provided to PNP uniformed personnel engaged in Civil Disturbance Control operations. This allowance is given in addition to their daily subsistence allowance to support their meal requirements.

Training Subsistence Allowance

Training Subsistence Allowance is an additional payment or training emolument given to PNP uniformed personnel undergoing local training in the AFP, PNP training college, OJT, or a local educational institution.

This allowance is provided to support their professional or career advancement and is given in addition to their regular subsistence allowance. The rate for this allowance is ₱30.00 per day and is charged by the school for the course duration.

Combat Duty Pay (CDP)

PNP uniformed personnel who are actively involved in police operations are entitled to a predetermined monthly allowance of ₱3,000.00.

Combat Incentive Pay (CIP)

PNP uniformed personnel who actively participate in physical confrontations against insurgent, militant, and lawless elements are eligible for a daily combat allowance of ₱300.00, under the following conditions:

  • The operation must be a specific combat mission that is authorized by a Mission Order (Letter Order).
  • The personnel involved in combat must be part of the published task organization in the PNP Mission Order.
  • The total additional combat incentive pay for each individual should not exceed ₱3,000.00 per month.
  • The combat incentive pay is in addition to the ₱3,000.00 combat duty pay for qualified PNP uniformed personnel.

Radiation Hazard Pay

This is an additional pay given to PNP skilled personnel whose job requires them to be exposed to radioactive elements beyond the normal level. The amount of this allowance should not exceed 15% of the base pay authorized by rank.

Hazardous Duty Pay

It is a stipend granted to PNP uniformed personnel who are exposed to specific occupational hazards or elements or undertake hazardous jobs that pose a high risk of death, limb loss, or health deterioration. This pay is equal to 50% of the base pay authorized by rank.

Specialist Pay

This pay is intended for deserving PNP non-officer personnel who have shown proficiency and effectiveness through skills, training, experience, and knowledge in specific police duties and specialties but are not assigned to critical areas (to qualify for combat pay).

Sea Duty Pay

This pay is given to all PNP personnel assigned to PNP units activated for law enforcement duties in inland waters, coastal and territorial waters. PNP Maritime Command employees receive a monthly pay of 25% of their base pay, paid at the end of each month or quarter.

Flying Pay

It is an allowance paid to PNP pilots and crew members whose roles necessitate routine and frequent aerial flights. The approved flying pay rate is 50% of their base pay, provided they meet the monthly flying time requirement of four (4) hours of aerial flight.

Capital Region Command (CAPCOM) Incentive Pay

It is an allowance based on the unique mission and functions of CAPCOM within its geographic region, Metro Manila. This is given to all PNP uniformed personnel assigned to CAPCOM, regardless of whether they are assigned to one of the five (5) Police District Commands. The regular allowance is ₱2.50 or ₱75.00 per month.

Special Clothing Allowance

This is a stipend given to uniformed PNP personnel who make regular public appearances or attend ceremonies and are assigned to units/activities that require them to wear a presentable uniform at all times. The allowance is ₱300 for PCOs and ₱150 for PNCOs. An additional sum is charged for maintenance, which is ₱80 for PCOs and ₱40 for PNCOs.

Initial Clothing Allowance (ICA)

It is a ₱20,000.00 allowance given to all PNP recruits who are joining the PNP for the first time, whether as PCO or PNCO.

Replacement Clothing Allowance (RCA)

After completing three years of consecutive service, starting from the year of enlistment, a remuneration will be provided. The RCA rates will undergo the following modifications:


Burial Allowance

This is a financial assistance provided to the family of a deceased PNP uniformed personnel, without regard to the cause of death.

Police Brigadier General to Police General₱3,000.00
Police Major to Police Colonel₱2,500.00
Police Lieutenant to Police Captain₱2,000.00
PNP Cadet₱1,500.00
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In addition to their regular and collateral allowances, PNP uniformed personnel are entitled to the following benefits:

Other Benefits

Anniversary Bonus

The Anniversary Bonus is a benefit for PNP uniformed personnel who have completed at least one year of service in the PNP by the milestone year (starting from the 15th anniversary and every five years thereafter) and have no record of work-related offenses in the five-year period between milestones. The bonus amount must not exceed ₱3,000.00.

Mid-Year Bonus (13th Month Pay)

This is a bonus that amounts to the equivalent of one (1) month’s basic salary as of May 15. It is granted to those who have rendered at least four (4) months of satisfactory service and are still employed as of the same date. The bonus will be released no earlier than May 15 of each year.

Year-End Bonus (14th Month Pay)

This benefit is granted in November of every year at the specified rates and is equivalent to one (1) month’s basic salary.

Performance Based Bonus (PBB)

The implementation of the enhanced PBB will take place in two phases and will range from one to two months of basic pay. The new PBB system will employ a progressive rate scheme, wherein the amount of PBB awarded increases in proportion to the degree of responsibility and contribution towards improving agency efficiency.

Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI)

The amount of Five Thousand Pesos (₱5,000) shall be given to eligible government employees for the purpose of boosting their productivity. The issuance of this amount shall not be earlier than December 15 of each year.

Rice Subsidy

This is a monthly monetary incentive equivalent to either twenty (20) kilograms of rice or an amount totaling Six Hundred Fifty Pesos (₱650.00).

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The Philippine National Police (PNP) offers highly rewarding career opportunities with excellent compensation and benefits packages, ensuring that its employees are well taken care of and motivated to serve the country to the best of their abilities.

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