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BFP Salary Grade 2023 (Bureau of Fire Protection)

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BFP Salary: The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) is crucial in ensuring the safety and security of communities across the Philippines. As firefighters and fire safety professionals, the men and women of the BFP face various risks and challenges in their line of duty.

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Apart from their dedication and bravery, understanding the salary structure and career progression within the BFP is essential for aspiring firefighters and those already serving in the organization.

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In this blog post, we will delve into the BFP Salary Grade Table for 2023, providing valuable insights into the compensation system, ranks, and opportunities for growth within the Bureau.

What Does BFP Mean in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the abbreviation BFP stands for Bureau of Fire Protection. It is a governmental agency under the Department of Interior and Local Government, also known as the DILG.

The Bureau of Fire Protection has various essential functions and responsibilities, which include:

  • Fire Prevention: The BFP primarily focuses on preventing fire incidents by implementing measures and promoting awareness to minimize the risk of fires.
  • Fire Suppression: In cases where fires occur, the BFP is responsible for extinguishing and minimizing their spread to protect lives and property.
  • Fire Investigation: The BFP conducts thorough investigations to determine the cause of fire incidents, utilizing their expertise to gather evidence and identify potential criminal activities related to fires.
  • Legal Proceedings: If the BFP discovers evidence suggesting that a fire may result from criminal activity, they must file a report with the prosecutor’s office for further legal actions.
  • Enforcement of Fire Code: The BFP ensures compliance with the Fire Code of the Philippines by conducting inspections and assessments of buildings, verifying if they meet the necessary fire safety standards.
  • Collaboration in Emergencies: During times of national emergencies, the BFP collaborates with the military and other relevant agencies to provide assistance and support in managing the situation effectively.

It is important to note that fire departments exist in all municipalities and cities throughout the Philippines. The Bureau of Fire Protection was established relatively recently, in 1991, as part of the government’s restructuring and reorganization efforts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of various branches and departments.

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The BFP plays a vital role in safeguarding communities and ensuring the safety of citizens by preventing fires, responding to emergencies, and enforcing fire safety regulations. With their dedicated personnel and commitment to their responsibilities, the Bureau of Fire Protection continues to serve the nation and protect lives and property from the destructive force of fires.

Understanding the BFP Salary Grade System

The BFP Salary follows a standardized Salary Grade system, which provides a framework for determining the salaries of its personnel. The Salary Grade Table considers various factors, such as rank, position, qualifications, and years of service. It ensures fair compensation based on responsibilities and experience, motivating firefighters to enhance their skills and knowledge while rewarding their dedication.

Salary Grades of BFP Personnel

Now, let’s delve into the salary ranges of BFP personnel. All figures mentioned below are in Philippine pesos (PHP) (2).

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Clerk – The monthly salary for clerks in the BFP ranges from 15,000 to 16,000. Firefighter – Firefighters receive a monthly salary between 29,000 to 31,000. Regional Director – The annual salary for regional directors falls within the range of 540,000 to 590,000. Firemen – Firemen earn a monthly salary of approximately 15,000 to 16,000. Fire Officer – The monthly salary for fire officers ranges from 38,000 to 42,000.

For Fire Officer 1, the monthly BFP salary ranges from 14,000 to 31,000. As one progresses to higher positions, the salary differences from the minimum wage become more pronounced. It’s worth noting that the salaries of high-ranking officials in the BFP are not disclosed to the public.

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These salary ranges provide an overview of the compensation BFP personnel can expect based on their respective positions. It’s essential to recognize that salaries may vary depending on factors such as years of service, qualifications, and promotions within the Bureau of Fire Protection. The BFP, like other government agencies, follows a standardized salary structure known as the Salary Standardization Law, which sets the guidelines for determining the salaries and benefits of government employees.

It is crucial to remember that salaries are just one aspect of employment, and the role of a BFP personnel extends beyond monetary compensation. Their commitment to public safety, bravery in combating fires, and dedication to serving the community make their contributions invaluable. The BFP plays an essential role in safeguarding lives and property, and its personnel are at the forefront of ensuring the nation’s fire safety.

BFP Salary Grade 2018-2019

bfp salary
BFP Salary Grade 2023 (Bureau of Fire Protection) 3

BFP Salary Grade Table 2023

Fire Officer IPHP29,668Fire InspectorPHP49,528
Fire Officer IIPHP30,867Fire Senior InspectorPHP56,582
Fire Officer IIIPHP32,114Fire Chief InspectorPHP62,555
Senior Fire Officer IPHP33,411Fire SuperintendentPHP71,313
Senior Fire Officer IIPHP34,079Fire Senior SuperintendentPHP80,583
Senior Fire Officer IIIPHP34,761Fire Chief SuperintendentPHP91,058
Senior Fire Officer IVPHP38,366Fire DirectorPHP102,896

Career Progression and Opportunities

In the Bureau of Fire Protection, career advancement and growth are achievable through continuous professional development and merit-based promotions. Firefighters who demonstrate exceptional skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities can progress through the ranks and assume higher positions within the organization. The BFP provides training programs, certifications, and specialized courses to enhance the professional competencies of its personnel, thereby enabling them to qualify for higher positions and corresponding salary increases.


The Bureau of Fire Protection offers a fulfilling career path for individuals passionate about ensuring public safety and protecting communities from fire-related hazards. Understanding the Salary Grade system, along with the opportunities for career progression, is crucial for those aspiring to serve in the BFP.

The Salary Grade Table provides a transparent framework for compensation based on rank, position, and experience. Aspiring firefighters and those already serving in the Bureau can use this information to plan their career goals and make informed decisions. Remember, serving as a firefighter is not just a job; it’s a noble calling dedicated to the well-being of society.

Source: Bureau of Fire Protection