GMA Reporter Exposes Nas Daily’s ‘Rude Behavior’ Towards Local Farmers

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The controversy surrounding Nas Academy and Apo Whang-Od’s online course has reached a new level. In response to complaints of cultural exploitation, the learning platform posted a video depicting a mambabatok artist signing a contract with her thumbprint, indicating that she has given the program her “complete approval.”

Following the purported Whang Od Academy ‘scam,’ a GMA reporter exposes Nas Daily.

GMA News journalist Shai Lagarde’s recent tweets are presently trending on the internet.

She seems to have revealed the “true” complexion of Palestinian-Israeli video blogger Nas Daily.

She retweeted a post on Twitter that read:

“Are you still surprised by Nas Daily? Lol he has been milking our culture since day 1. ”

it said in Filipino.

Shai then told a story about a friend’s family who allegedly welcomed Nas in their hometown “because he was looking to do more PH content.”

Apparently, Nas’ ‘supposed to be’ script didn’t seem to fit what he observed.

“So even if there was a good story to tell, he ended up throwing a tantrum and packing up,”

Shai said.

Nas “imitated/mocked” the residents’ dialect, she continued.

“No one cares about these farmers! This won’t get views. This isn’t what I wanted to shoot!,”

Shai wrote, seemingly referring to what Nas said during tantrums.

“Why are Filipinos so poor anyway? You’re so (cursing emoji) poor!”

Nas’ accompanying creator contacted and apologized on his behalf.

The above-mentioned post elicited a variety of responses. Nas’ “Pinoybaiting” has enraged the majority of internet users.

“Glad, I have never ever followed this guy nor watched any of his videos. Also, don’t forget the guy behind the Project Nightfall page. They have the same strategy,”

one pointed out.

Some added how they stopped watching Nas videos after he tackled politics.

“I really don’t like it when foreigners acting like they know about the Philippine politics when they really don’t,”

an online user seconded.

“His view on politics and world issues was already a red flag, the fact that he actually looks down on farmers ? He’s praying for his own downfall.”

another user added.

Many Filipinos also urged that they cease subscribing Nas by unfollowing him on social media, where he has nearly 21 million Facebook fans and 3.7 million YouTube subscribers.

Meanwhile, here’s the statement from Nas Daily posted on a Facebook page of Nas Daily Tagalog:

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Dear Louise,

I have also kept my silence for 2 years out of respect to you. But I can’t let you share falsehoods on the Internet for free.

I was very inspired by your story. In fact, I was so inspired by what you achieved that I flew in from Singapore to the Province in the Philippines just to SUPPORT YOU.

As you can see in the picture, we are trying to tell the world about your story. By the way, no other media did that. They just report from their fancy offices. But we wanted to go the extra mile for you.

We spent 2 days flying and we were very excited for your story of how you “revolutionised the cacao industry in your province” according to the Internet. We know the “story” already, so that’s why we flew in to come meet you.

To my biggest sadness and surprise, your story was not true on the ground. Once we arrived at your plantation, once we saw the village and talked to the farmers, we came to the conclusion that there is no story here. That the awards on the Internet are just that…awards.

Our investigation has made it clear that your story in the media is false. And that there are no “200 farmers” that you work with, and there are no Cacao plantations that you don’t personally profit from.

Even though we flew in for 2 days, we had to pack up and leave because I will never ever put Fake News on Nas Daily. I was so sad because we have invested tens of hours to support you.

When we told you in person that we believe your story is not true, you understood us and you bid us farewell. We thanked you for your time and your hospitality and we went back to the airport. In fact, we took nice pictures with your family before we left.
The Cacao project you mentioned is a family business which you profit from.

I flew back to Singapore disappointed. But of course, I didn’t want to hurt you. I would never want to do that. I flew in to support you in the first place.

So I kept my silence for 2 years. But now that you speak up about it, I have two advices for you:

1) Be truthful about your work. The Cacao Project is not as truthful as the media says it is.

2) Do not share online falsehoods. That is borderline illegal. Everything you said is with malicious intent and it is clearly not how I speak. We have 5 years of evidence to back that up. 40% of my company is Filipino. Our actions back up our words.

From making Nas Daily, I have learned that sometimes good intentions do go unnoticed. In fact, good intentions get punished sometimes. But examples like yours will never stop us from believing in the good of humanity. We will continue to support the Philippines and we will continue to promote people who need their story told.

Hopefully one day, I can come back and tell your story again. You are, after all, an inspiring individual.