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Ever thought about making a career out of helping people relax, maybe in beautiful Bahrain?

We get it – finding the right job, especially in a new place, can be a puzzle. But if you love bringing comfort, this might be your chance. Plus, who wouldn’t want to work in Bahrain?

Welcome to Massage Therapist Job Vacancies in Bahrain 2024! We’re not just about jobs; we’re here to help you turn your skills into a career.

This guide spills the beans on Massage Therapist jobs in Bahrain, and here’s the cool part – it’s open for high school grads! Ready to bring some relaxation magic?

Don’t miss out on this chance. We’re here to help you through it, so why wait? Apply now and let’s bring those soothing vibes to Bahrain!

Job Description

Massage therapists are trained professionals who use various techniques to manipulate the muscles and soft tissues of the body to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and relieve pain. 

Their primary job duties include:

  • Consulting with clients to determine their specific needs and preferences
  • Evaluating clients’ medical histories and current physical conditions to determine the most appropriate massage techniques to use
  • Performing massage therapy sessions using techniques like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and trigger point therapy
  • Applying pressure to specific muscles and soft tissues to relieve tension and pain
  • Using lotions, oils, and other products to enhance the massage experience
  • Providing guidance to clients on exercises and stretches they can do at home to improve their overall health and well-being
  • Maintaining accurate records of client sessions and progress

To be successful as a massage therapist, one must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with a strong knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and various massage techniques. 

Additionally, massage therapists must be physically fit and able to stand for long periods and use their hands and arms to apply pressure during massage sessions.

Massage Therapist Job Vacancies

Qualifications of Massage Therapist Job Vacancies

If you are interested in applying for a Massage Therapist job in Bahrain, you will need to meet certain qualifications. 

According to the Facebook post by Ikon Solution Asia, Inc., applicants must have:

  • at least one year of relevant experience and 
  • hold a high school diploma. 
  • females are eligible to apply for this position.

If you meet these requirements and are passionate about working as a Massage Therapist, this could be a great opportunity for you to start or continue your career in the industry.

Salary of Massage Therapist

According to Salary Explorer website data, the average salary for a Massage Therapist in Bahrain is around 880 BHD monthly ( around Php 131,516.00 ). 

The salary range for this position varies between 460 BHD (starting salary) to 1,350 BHD (maximum salary). 

It is important to note that these figures are based on data from a salary survey that included thousands of participants and professionals from various regions of Bahrain and are not the legally mandated minimum wage.

How to Apply

Step 1: Decide How You Want to Apply

  • You have two options to apply for a job with Ikon Solution Asia, Inc. You can either visit one of their offices in Manila, Cebu, or Davao, or you can fill out an online application form.

Step 2: Applying in Person

If You Choose to Apply in Person

  • For Manila: Go to the 8th Floor of Algo Center, located at 162 LP Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227. You can ask for directions if needed.
  • For Cebu: Visit the 2nd Floor of the RKD Building on A.S. Fortuna Street in Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu 6014. You can ask for assistance if you have trouble finding it.
  • For Davao: Head to Nova Tierra Square on Bo. Pampanga in Davao City, 8000. You can ask for directions or use a map app to guide you.

Step 3: Contact Information

If you need to contact them for any reason, here’s their contact information:

Step 4: Applying Online

If You Choose to Apply Online

Step 5: Fill Out the Application Form

  • Once you’re on the application form page, you’ll see various fields to fill out. These might include your name, contact information, educational background, work experience, and other relevant details. Be sure to provide accurate and complete information.

Step 6: Submit Your Application

  • After you’ve filled out all the required information on the form, look for a “Submit” or “Send” button. Click on it to send your application to Ikon Solution Asia, Inc.

Step 7: Wait for a Response

  • After submitting your application, the company will review it. Be patient and wait for a response, which could be an interview request or further instructions.

And that’s it! You’ve completed the application process for Ikon Solution Asia, Inc. Remember to check your email regularly for any updates, and if you applied in person, you can also follow up by calling the provided telephone numbers if needed. 


Ikon Solution Asia Inc. did not specify a deadline, but it’s crucial to ensure you complete and submit your application for the Massage Therapist role in Bahrain before the application form becomes unavailable.

Submitting your application early is essential to allow ample time for collecting the required documents and meeting the job qualifications. Best of luck!


For those aspiring to become a Massage Therapist in Bahrain, the opportunity with Ikon Solution Asia, Inc. is an exciting path to follow. 

Our article has provided insights into the job’s responsibilities, qualifications, and salary expectations. However, securing this position requires more than just knowledge. 

Here are some tips to maximize your chances of success:

  1. Master Your Craft: Hone your massage skills and stay updated with the latest techniques. Continuous improvement and a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology will set you apart.
  2. Document Organization: Pay meticulous attention to your documents, ensuring they are well-organized and easily accessible. Clear documentation of your qualifications and experience is crucial.
  3. Resume Refinement: Create a compelling resume that highlights your relevant experience and skills. Customize it for the specific role you’re applying for to make a lasting impression.
  4. Online Application Precision: If you choose the online application method, provide accurate and complete information. Review your entries thoroughly before submitting.
  5. Timely Application: Although there isn’t a specified deadline, early application is advantageous. It allows you to gather necessary documents, meet job qualifications, and showcase your proactive approach.

In the field of massage therapy, professionalism, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills are highly valued. 

By following these tips, you can significantly enhance your chances of being hired as a Massage Therapist in Bahrain. 

We wish you the best of luck in pursuing this rewarding career opportunity!

Massage Therapist Job Vacancies


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