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The Naval ICT Center of the Philippine Navy (NICPN) is a state-of-the-art facility that serves as the main hub for all the communication and information technology needs of the Philippine Navy. Located in Sangley Point, Cavite City, Philippines, the NICPN is a testament to the Navy’s commitment to modernization and innovation.

The NICPN houses a wide range of advanced equipment and systems that enable the Navy to stay connected and informed at all times. The center boasts a fiber optic network that connects all major naval bases across the country, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer. The center is also equipped with satellite communication capabilities, which enable the Navy to stay in touch with its assets even in the most remote parts of the archipelago.

One of the key features of the NICPN is its Command and Control Center (CCC), which serves as the nerve center for all naval operations. The CCC is equipped with advanced systems for situational awareness, intelligence gathering, and decision-making support, providing the Navy with real-time information and analysis to help them make informed decisions.

In addition to the CCC, the NICPN also houses a Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC), which is responsible for monitoring and protecting the Navy’s networks from cyber threats. The CDOC is staffed by a team of highly trained cybersecurity experts who use the latest tools and techniques to keep the Navy’s systems secure.

The NICPN also has a dedicated training facility, which provides training and certification programs for naval personnel on a wide range of ICT-related topics. The center offers courses on everything from basic computer skills to advanced networking and cybersecurity, ensuring that the Navy’s personnel are well-equipped to handle the demands of modern naval operations.

Overall, the Naval ICT Center of the Philippine Navy is an impressive facility that showcases the Navy’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance its capabilities. With its advanced equipment and systems, the center is an essential asset that enables the Navy to carry out its mission to protect the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Naval ICT Center of the Philippine Navy is an organization that focuses on developing and maintaining information and communication technology (ICT) systems for the Philippine Navy. As technology continues to advance and play an increasingly important role in modern warfare, the center is looking to expand its team by hiring individuals with a technical background, particularly those who have taken ICT courses.

Having a technical background in ICT means that an individual has the necessary knowledge and skills to design, develop, and maintain various ICT systems. This includes hardware, software, networking, and cybersecurity, among others. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, having individuals with ICT expertise is crucial for the success of the Naval ICT Center.

By recruiting individuals with ICT backgrounds, the center can strengthen its workforce and expand its capabilities in developing and maintaining various ICT systems for the Philippine Navy. Additionally, having a team with diverse technical backgrounds can help ensure that the center can address a wide range of technological challenges and requirements that may arise.


The Naval ICT Center of the Philippine Navy is seeking individuals with a technical background that is relevant to the development and maintenance of information and communication technology (ICT) systems. Specifically, the center is looking for people who have expertise in the following areas:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Handling and Servicing
  • Computer System and Network Technology
  • Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Other ICT related courses


  • At least 18 years old and not more than 26 years upon appointment as Candidate Soldier
  • Must be a natural born Filipino citizen with good moral character
  • Unmarried and with no child to support
  • Has completed K-12 or at least 72 units in college (preferably technical course) or High School Graduate with TESDA NC II
  • At least 5 feet in height

Benefits and Privileges

While serving one’s country is a significant motivation for individuals to join the Navy, there are several other benefits that come with enlisting. If you’re considering a career in the Navy, it’s essential to understand the advantages that it can offer not only in the present but also for your future.

  • Opportunity to serve the country as Cyber Warfare rated personnel
  • Earn as much as Php 25,637.00 while on training
  • Earn as much as Php 37,338.00 upon graduation
  • Earn additional 10% of base pay every 5 years in the service
  • Avail free housing facilities, medical and dental services

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Initial Requirements

  • Resume
  • Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion from any vocational schools at least 72 units/ Certificate of NC II from TESDA
  • 2″x 2″ Colored picture (2 copies)
  • Government issued ID

How to Apply

Those who are interested in applying may send their initial requirements to the nearest Naval ICT Station. The Naval Special Enlistment Application Form and the Naval ICT Stations Hotlines are provided below for your reference.

For inquiries

For inquiries, you may contact:


Joining the Navy provides numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth, including advanced training and education programs. The Navy offers various career paths, from technical roles in IT, engineering, and aviation to leadership roles in management and command. The Navy also provides access to a wide range of resources and support services, such as healthcare, housing, and financial assistance.

In addition to these benefits, serving in the Navy can also provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, as it allows individuals to contribute to national security and participate in global operations. Serving in the Navy can also build important skills such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience, which can be valuable in both personal and professional life.

We invite all interested and qualified individuals to consider joining the Navy and becoming a part of their dedicated team. By joining the Navy, you will have access to many exciting opportunities, including advanced training and education programs, diverse career paths, and valuable life experiences.

Whether you have a technical background in ICT or are simply looking for a fulfilling and purposeful career, the Navy has something for you. Don’t miss out on this chance to serve your country and build a successful future. Submit your application today and take the first step towards an exciting career with the Navy!

Source: Naval Information and Communications Technology Center