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PMA Cadetship Program 2022 – Qualifications, Requirements and Benefits

For the individuals who might need to turn out to be essential for the Cadet Corps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and later on fill in as one of the heads of the AFP, then he/she may take the Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination (PMAEE).

The PMAEE is the initial phase in the determination cycle to turn into a cadet in the most lofty administration school in the nation today. If you think you have all the qualifications below to become an officer of the armed forces, then this post is for you. Kindly read on


Here are the Qualifications and Requirements to turn into a cadet in the PMA:

  • Natural Born Filipino Citizen.
  • Physically fit and of good moral character.
  • Single and has never been married nor pregnant nor have a legal obligation to support a child or children.
  • Must pass the PMA Entrance Examination.
  • No Administrative / Criminal Case.
  • At least High School Graduate with at least 85% GPA
  • Height Requirement for both Male and Female is 5 feet (not to exceed 6’4″ for both).
  • At least 17 years old but not a day older than 22 years on the reporting date.

Note: Applicants who are currently in Grade 11 are not qualified to take the exam while those who are currently in Grade 12 are qualified to take it if they will graduate before June 1, 2022.

Philippine Military Academy Entrance Exam Schedule 2022

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Image from Philippine Military Academy Facebook page

How to apply

UPDATE: Effective August 01, 2022

The Office of the Cadet Recruitment and Admission will no longer Accept Online Application and Mail Application.

Interested Applicants who were not able to submit may still take the Entrance Exam as a Walk-in Applicant.

You may now apply to take the PMA Entrance Examination Application thru online!

If you wish to apply for PMAEE online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Cadet Application System portal through https://admission.pma.edu.ph.
  2. Create a new account by clicking Sign-up button (pencil icon) on the upper-right corner of the screen. Fill out the spaces with the required information then click the next button to continue. Please provide a valid and active e-mail address when signing up. If you already have an account, click the Sign-in button instead.
  3. After doing so, the system will send you a verification code to the email you provided. Copy and paste it in the box with the label “Verification Code” to complete your application. After submitting the verification code, you will be automatically logged in to the system.
  4. Provide the necessary information like Personal Information, Educational Background, Requirements, and Survey. Fill-up the online application form then upload the scanned copies of your PSA Birth Certificate and Senior High School Form 137 or 138 (with name and grades) or Transcript of Records (TOR). These files must be in either PDF or JPEG format. Uploaded PDF files must not exceed 20MB per file while the JPEG ones must not exceed 1MB in size. Please be mindful of the size of your files because any excess in file size will invalidate your attaching process.
  5. After completing all the requirements, you will be notified that your application will be validated.
  6. During the validation phase, PMA will determine if you are qualified to take the PMAEE based on the requirements that you have uploaded in your account.
  7. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a notification in your account that you can download your EXAM PERMIT. If you are disapproved, you will likewise receive a note stating the reason why you got disqualified.
  8. Download and print your exam permit. Bring it to the examination center on the day of the examination. Do not forget to bring this document. You will not be allowed to take the exam without the permit.

Medical Disqualifications

  • Colorblind
  • Any communicable disease
  • Physical deformities
  • Scoliosis
  • Tattoos
  • Other medical conditions as determined by the AFP Medical Board

PMA Entrance Exam Coverage

Like the past examinations, this year’s PMAEE will also cover the following subject areas:

  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Grammar
  • Composition
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Pattern Analysis.

What to do if I passed the PMAEE?

Applicants who passed the PMAEE will be notified by the Office of Cadet Admission (OCA) through the mail, newspapers and website announcement. The OCA will also inform the applicant of the date of his/her physical examination.

Report to AFP Medical Center (formerly V. Luna) for medical, dental, and neuropsychiatric examination. They will also give further instructions on the next step of the application process.

Privilege and Benefits

  • A noble privilege in serving the country and its people
  • Free college education with a well-rounded curriculum
  • Monthly pay and allowances
  • Progressive career as an Officer in the Army, Air Force or Navy
  • Specialized professional training for military
  • Exceptional training and billeting facilities
  • Training requirements are all provided

For Inquiries

You may contact the following:

  • PLDT Number:
    (074) 442- 5520
  • Cellphone Numbers: (0919) 068-0877, (0919) 068-0878, (0906) 546 6989
  • You may also reach them thru the following official social media accounts of PMA:
    Facebook: Philippine Military Academy “Face-Bok”
    Instagram: pma_ccafp
    Twitter: @pma_ccafp
  • You may also send message at ocapma@gmail.com and don’t forget to visit https://www.pma.edu.ph.
  • Please standby at the Philippine Military Academy Facebook page for Examinations Updates
Source: Philippine Military Academy
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