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Bellmen Hiring in Macau – Apply Now!

Friendly Advice for Jobseekers

Take your job search to the next level by thoroughly reviewing the Bellmen job positions at Ikon Solutions Asia before applying. 

Understanding the job descriptions, qualifications, requirements, deadlines, and other essential details will give you a competitive advantage and show the company that you are a severe and well-prepared candidate. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to stand out and secure your dream team leader job. 

Review carefully and apply confidently with Ikon Solutions Asia.

Job Summary

Join the team at Ikon Solutions Asia as a Bellmen in Macau. The average salary for a Bellmen is MOP 10,000 – 12,000 monthly in Macau ( Equivalent to PHP 69,337 – 83,205 ). This is an opportunity you want to take advantage of.

Ikon Solution is currently seeking male applicants between the ages of 22 and 30 to join our team as Bellmen in Jordan.

To be considered for this position, applicants must meet certain requirements. Firstly, this opportunity is exclusively open to male applicants. 

Additionally, candidates must have a minimum height of 180cm. Whether you have prior international experience or not, you are warmly encouraged to apply. 

If you meet these qualifications, seize this chance to embark on a rewarding career journey with us. Apply today and take the first step toward a successful and fulfilling future!

About Ikon Solutions Asia

Ikon Solutions is a licensed full-service recruitment agency with 18 recruitment centers situated throughout the Philippines, including offices in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Hong Kong, Macau, UAE, China, and Japan. 

In partnership with their recruitment affiliates, Ikon provides the best talent from the Philippines and other parts of Asia.

Their agency has expert recruitment and deployment teams specializing in Hospitality and Gaming, Healthcare, Technical (Building & Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas), and other sectors. 

They value cultivating long-term relationships with their clients and candidates, and they believe in emphasizing the human in human resources.

At Ikon Solutions, they pride themselves on their strong ethical beliefs and approach to viewing their clients and candidates as partners. They understand that how they work together is just as important as what they accomplish. 

Their sister company, Ikon Executive Solutions (IES), is a reputable executive talent-sourcing company that provides top-notch executives to clients in the Philippines and abroad.

Job Description

As a Bellmen, you will play a vital role. Your job responsibilities will involve the following:

  • Carrying luggage for the guests as they come to or leave the hotel
  • He should also attend the main entrance door
  • Welcome/farewell guests
  • Arrange and manage transfers
  • Help guests with directions
  • Perform as the first and last impression for them.

Job Qualifications

If you’re looking to apply for the Team Leader position at Ikon Solutions, here are the requirements you’ll need to meet:

  • High School Graduate or Above
  • Minimum of 1 year Work Experience
  • 5-star hospitality experience is an advantage
  • strong communication skills

Competitive Salary

The salary for the Bellmen position in Macau is MOP 10,000 – 12,000 monthly ( Equivalent to PHP 69,337 – 83,205 )

Deadline of Application

Take advantage of the opportunity to jumpstart your career! 

The application deadline for this bellmen job position is quickly approaching on June 30, 2023

Submit your requirements today and take the first step towards a promising future.

About the Principal Employer

The agency didn’t indicate the principal employer.


In conclusion, joining the team at Ikon Solutions Asia as a Bellmen in Macau presents a promising opportunity. 

While the average salary for a Bellmen in Macau is PHP 69,337 – 83,205 monthly, this particular role is exclusively open to male applicants. 

Whether you have prior international experience or not, this is a chance to embark on a rewarding career journey. 

Seize this opportunity today and take the first step toward a successful and fulfilling future with Ikon Solutions Asia.

Important Notice

Ikon Solutions Asia operates through manpower pooling and thereby will collect no fees from job applicants. 

It is crucial to be watchful for those who may try to deceive or exploit job seekers, such as illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

How to Apply

  1. Read through the job posting carefully to determine if you meet the requirements for the position.
  2.   Submit your application through this link: or through Ikon Solutions Asia’s office at 8F Algo Center 162 LP Leviste St. Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
  3.   Send your updated resume or curriculum vitae (CV) with complete contact information, work experience, educational background, and other relevant information the employer requires via email at
  4.   After submitting your application and requirements, wait for a response from the employer. They may contact you for further information or to schedule an interview.
  5.   If selected, you will be invited for an interview. During the interview, you will be asked about your skills and experience, and you may also be required to perform a skills test.
  6.   If you are successful in the interview and skills test, the employer may offer you the job.

Note: The fastest way to receive feedback from recruitment officers is by visiting the head office in person.

Source: Ikon Solution Asia, Inc.

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