Awesome Tips to get 100% Scholarship in the Philippines

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Can you imagine how life would be if there’s no challenges? It’s like living for nothing, garden without flowers, and foods without spices. There’s no good about it, but it bridges the school and its people to recalibrate their mind and by providing lifelong learning.

From this point, it is difficult to apply for a scholarship or financial assistance . Most learners are worried about their future especially this time that many people lose jobs and get unemployed. With this, less fortunate students are anxious if they could pursue their wanted ambitions and desired professions.

Worry less! The Philippine Go is continuously posting various Scholarships (Government, Local and International) to help every learner achieve his/her dreams easily. Philippine Go is here to give you some tips on how to get a 100% Scholarship in the Philippines amidst Pandemic:

How to get 100% scholarship amidst pandemic?

1. Be Prepared in Advance.

When we tackle about preparation, we should not just consider getting ready for the interview that will occur in a week or more. Preparation for a full scholarship involves getting good grades during junior and senior high school. A 100% scholarship includes full tuition and allowances which may not just be easily given to a student who has failing grades and who did not meet the required average.

Studying well in high school will help you overcome the tiresome application process for scholarship programs in the Philippines for college students and the tough requirements for you to maintain it until graduation.

2. Start Compiling the Needed Requirements.

Incomplete requirements or documents will lead to invalidity of your application. Be organized! Segregate your documents from original to xerox copy for it will be more easy to find. Compile it to a folder and secured place.

If these are unavailable, you may need to begin contacting relevant government agencies. It takes time to get copies of important records or documents. With the pandemic presently causing a reduced workforce and restrictions, it may even take longer.

3. Start Learning the Different Scholarship Program.

Most of the Scholarship Programs are now situated online, with the help of internet and other reliable websites, you may now begin looking for scholarship that is relevant to your chosen field of specialization and start learning the program.

You need a deep understanding about the scholarship you are applying, for there are programs that requires priority courses, qualifying exams and many more.

Moreover, you need to consider situations. Example, if you are one of the lucky applicants who passed the requirement of a government scholar, make sure that you are wholeheartedly interested to it without any doubts and regrets. Although you have been fully subsidized, if it requires you to be miles away from home, then it might still be hard to sufficiently fund your college education.

4. Get Ready for Qualifying Exams and Interviews.

Start practicing yourself in written and oral examinations. There are many helpful videos online that you can watch and learn, you may also find blogs/vlogs and websites that provides essential tips and techniques to pass the exam and certain interviews.

The bigger the benefits of a program, the longer the time and efforts you must exert. For a government scholarship that requires preparation physically (PMMA, PMA and PNPA), you must have a “MIND OVER BODY” mindset. Some things that our body cannot do, our mind can.


If you are not one of the qualified scholar, it does not mean you are failure. It means God has a better opportunity ahead. “If it is for you, it will come to you.” Whatever the results, good or bad, stay optimistic and dreams must go on. Good luck and God bless!

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