The Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program expects to: give grants that will fund the instruction of skilled and meriting understudies in their third year of school and who are seeking after degree programs in the space of science and innovation; and guarantee a consistent, satisfactory stockpile of qualified S&T HR who can guide the country towards public advancement.

Who can Apply for the DOST-JLSS?

1. REGULAR second year college male and female students enrolled in a DOST-SEI priority S&T course at identified universities in the Second Semester of AY 2022-2023.

2. Must have a general weighted average of at least 83% or its equivalent and with no conditional or failing mark from the First Semester of First Year until the First Semester of Second Year in college, including in the midyear terms, if enrolled.

3. Must be natural-born Filipino citizen.4. Must be of good moral character and in good health.5. Have not applied for a DOST-SEI scholarship before or have applied for a DOST-SEI scholarship before but did not qualify to the scholarship or have qualified for a DOST-SEI scholarship but did not avail of the award.

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When to Apply?

Start of Online Application Period5 June 2023
Last Day of Online Application and Uploading of Requirements28 July 2023
Schedule of Qualifying ExaminationAugust 26-27, 2023

Types of Scholarship

RA 10612

Republic Act No. 10612 aims to strengthen the country’s science and technology education by fast-tracking graduates in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering who shall teach science and mathematics in secondary schools throughout the country.

RA 7687

Republic Act No. 7687, also known as the “Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994”, provides for scholarships to talented and deserving students whose families’ socio-economic status does not exceed the set cut-off values of certain indicators. Qualifiers must pursue priority fields of study in the basic sciences, engineering, other applied sciences, and science and mathematics teaching.


The DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program, formerly known as the NSDB or NSTA Scholarship under RA No. 2067, is awarded to students with high aptitude in science and mathematics and are willing to pursue careers in the fields of science and technology.

Priority S&T Programs

Programs Covered by the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarships

Priority S&T Programs

Programs Covered by the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarships

Bachelor in Mathematics Education
Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education with Specialization in Information and Communications
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
BS Aeronautical Engineering
BS Aerospace Engineering
BS Agribusiness
BS Agribusiness Management
BS Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
BS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
BS Agricultural Biotechnology1
BS Agricultural Chemistry
BS Agricultural Economics
BS Agricultural Engineering
BS Agricultural Technology
BS Agriculture
BS Animal Husbandry
BS Animal Science
BS Applied Mathematics
BS Applied Mathematics major in Mathematical Finance2
BS Applied Physics
BS Applied Physics with Applied Computer System
BS Applied Physics with Materials Science and Engineering2
BS Applied Statistics
BS Architecture
BS Astronomy
BS Astronomy Technology
BS Basic Medical Sciences6
BS Biochemistry
BS Biology
BS Biology for Teachers
BS Biotechnology
BS Ceramics Engineering
BS Chemical Engineering
BS Chemistry
BS Chemistry for Teachers
BS Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems
BS Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering2
BS Civil Engineering
BS Clothing Technology
BS Community Nutrition
BS Computer Engineering
BS Computer Science
BS Electrical Engineering
BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
BS Electronics Engineering
BS Environmental Science

BS Environmental Engineering

BS Fine Arts major in Industrial Design
BS Fisheries
BS Food Science and Technology
BS Food Technology
BS Forestry
BS Geodetic Engineering
BS Geography
BS Geology
BS Geothermal Engineering
BS Health Science
BS Human Biology5
BS Industrial Design
BS Industrial Engineering
BS Industrial Management Engineering-Information Technology3
BS Industrial Pharmacy
BS Information and Communications Technology
BS Information System
BS Information Technology
BS Information Technology Systems
BS Instrumentation and Control Engineering
BS Life Sciences
BS Management Information Systems2
BS Manufacturing Engineering
BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Biomedical Engineering3
BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Mechatronics and Robotics3
BS Marine Biology
BS Marine Science
BS Materials Engineering
BS Mathematics
BS Mathematics and Science Teaching
BS Mathematics for Teachers
BS Mechanical Engineering
BS Mechatronics Engineering
BS Medical Laboratory Science
BS Medical Technology
BS Metallurgical Engineering
BS Meteorology
BS Microbiology
BS Mining Engineering
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
BS Nutrition
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
BS Packaging Engineering
BS Petroleum Engineering
BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
BS Pharmacy (4-year program)
BS Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy (5-year program)
BS Physics
BS Physics for Teachers
BS Psychology
BS Public Health
BS Speech Pathology
BS Statistics
BSE Biological Sciences
BSE Biology
BSE Biology-Chemistry4
BSE Chemistry
BSE General Sciences
BSE Mathematics
BSE Physical Sciences
BSE Physics
BSE Physics-Chemistry4
BSE Physics-Mathematics4
BSE Science
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

1 UP System only
2 4yrs, ADMU only
3 DLSU only
4 4yrs, USC only
5 3yrs, DLSU only
6 4 yrs, UPM only


University of the Philippines

State Universities and Colleges

Private Institutions that are recognized by CHED as Centers of Excellence or Centers of Development or has FAAP Level III accreditation (PAASCUPACUCOA) for the priority S&T programs of study

For RA 10612: All of the above and schools that offer CHED compliant courses that are included in the list of priority S&T programs of study

Privileges and Benefits under the DOST-JLSS

A. Regular Academic Year
Tuition and other school fees (for scholars enrolled in private HEIs)₱40,000.00 / year
Learning Materials and/or Connectivity Allowance₱10,000.00 / year
Monthly Living Allowance₱7,000.00 / month
Transportation Allowance
(for those studying outside of home province)
1 economy-class roundtrip fare
Group Health and Accident InsurancePremium
Thesis Allowance₱10,000.00
Graduation Clothing Allowance₱1,000.00
B. Summer Allowance (if required in the curriculum)
Tuition and other school fees₱10,000.00
Learning Materials and/or Connectivity Allowance₱2,000.00 (outright grant)
Monthly Living Allowance₱7,000.00 / month for two months

DOST JLSS Qualifications

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants shall possess the following: Refer to the table below.

 RA 10612RA 7687MERIT
1. Natural-born Filipino citizen
2.Poor, talented and deserving student who belongs to a family whose socio-economic status does not exceed the set values of certain indicators;
3.REGULAR second year college male and female students enrolled in a DOST-SEI priority S&T course at identified universities in the Second Semester of AY 2022-2023.
4. Must have a general weighted average of at least 83% or its equivalent and with no conditional or failing mark from the First Semester of First Year until the First Semester of Second Year in college, including in the midyear terms, if enrolled.
5. Resident of the municipality as attested by the barangay for at least four (4) years;
6. Must be of good moral character and in good health.
Have not applied for a DOST-SEI scholarship before;
Have applied for a DOST-SEI scholarship before but did not qualify to the scholarship;
Have qualified for a DOST-SEI scholarship but did not avail of the award.


Valid Email Address
You will need a valid email address for logging in to your application account and for receiving notifications about your application status and results. Please check and double check that you enter the correct email address.

  • Please make sure that the email address you intend to register in order to file your application has not been compromised in a data breach. Click here to verify.
  • To ensure security of your data, you are encouraged to use secured e-mail accounts preferably one that has two-step verification.
  • You will be advised on the status of your application and other announcements relative to your application through the email account that you use during registration.

Working Mobile Number/s
Please provide a working mobile number by which you can be contacted should there be a need to, relative to your application.

Security of Access Credentials
You will be assigned an Application ID. This, with pertinent personal data, shall serve as your access credential to the JLSS E-Application System. Please keep your access credentials secure.

No to Multiple Accounts!
Do not create multiple accounts. These will cause delay in accessing your application forms.

Stable Internet Connection
When you are ready with all the information you need to fill out your E-Application and the documents that needed to be uploaded, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Beware of other websites that contain outdated information about the scholarship program
This is the fourth year that we will be deploying the E-Application System. It has gone through various improvements since its initial run in 2020. To ensure that you have the latest information as well as the updated scholarship forms, ensure that you are sourcing from

Documents to Prepare Prior to Filing your JLSS E-application

These are the requirements you need to prepare before filing your application online for the DOST JLSS.

1Certificate of Good Moral CharacterC1. Print each form in a size A4 bond paper.
2. Have these forms accomplished by the proper authorities/ officials/ persons as indicated in each form.
3. Make sure that each form is signed.
4. Scan or take picture of each accomplished form and save file.
5. Name each file: (Surname-Form __) when saving it.
6. Submit each form using the Upload Module in the E-Application System. Use the appropriate upload field for each file.
2Certificate of Good HealthD
3Certificate of Program of Study and Year LevelE
4Certificate of ResidencyF
5Commitment to Return ServiceMerit/ RA 7687G1
RA 10612G2
6Applicant’s Certification Re- Not a DOST Scholar prior to this applicationH
7Applicant/Parent DeclarationI
8Official Transcript of Records (TOR) or True Copy of Grades (TCG) or Grade Report downloaded from the portal for First Semester of First Year until the First Semester of Second Year in college, including in the midyear terms, if enrolled.Must be duly signed by the University Registrar/Dean of College
9Recent picture, passport size (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches)1. Must show face of the Applicant, 80% of the picture
2. Must be colored, with white background
3. With the name tag position at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin): Full name, handwritten- First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name, if any (e.g. JUAN C. DELA CRUZ, JR.), and signature over printed name
4. Taken within the last three (3) months prior to filing of application
10Birth CertificateReadable copy. May be issued by the PSA, NSO or the Municipal Registry Office
11Parent/s or Legal Guardian’s 2022 Income Tax Return / BIR Form 1701 / Employment Contract for OFW / BIR Certificate of Exemption from Filing of ITR / Certificate of Indigency / Certificate of Employment with Compensation / Proof of PensionClear, signed copy.Annual Gross Income must be clearly indicated in the document.The particular document depends on the parent’s class of worker.
12Notarized Affidavit of GuardianshipMust be submitted if the applicant is not living together with either of the parents

What Information Should you Know Before Filing your E-application?

  1. Father’s Annual Gross Income
  2. Mother’s Annual Gross Income
  3. If Legal Guardian is supporting Applicant, Legal Guardian’s Annual Gross Income
  4. If family receives contribution from outside source: the giver, the amount of the contribution and the purpose of the contribution
  5. If family owns agricultural land: how many hectares
  6. If family owns vehicle: type, year and model
  • Type: Ex. tricycle, passenger jeep, owner jeep, car, van
  • Year and Model: Ex. 2021 Toyota Revo

Steps in Filling Out the JLSS E-application:

When you have all the necessary documents; completely accomplished and scanned or have pictures of these; and know the above-mentioned information, you are now ready to access the JLSS E-Application.

When filling out the required information, please make sure that the names and the words are spelled correctly.

STEP 1Register using a valid e-mail address. An email will be sent to you for verification.
STEP 2* Access the link provided in the email sent to you and answer the questions in the Eligibility Module
* If you are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for the JLSS, you will receive a Notice of Disqualification in your email.
STEP 3If you are ELIGIBLE to apply for the JLSS, you can proceed to the next modules:
*Personal Data
*Contact Information
*Family Data
*Financial Contribution
*Household Information Questionnaire
*School, Course, and Grades
*Upload Documents
a. The system accepts .jpeg, .png, .bmp, and .pdf file types only
b. The system accepts multiple files up to 5MB per upload.
Ex. You took a photo of each of the 3 pages of your Transcript of Records. As a result, you need to upload 3 different files for the same requirement. To upload it, you need to click the Upload File button and select all the files to be submitted.
After selecting the files, a preview is also available for you to see if you have selected the correct and complete files. Once you are sure that you have selected the correct and complete files, you may now click the Upload button.
c. You may press the Preview button to check the files you submitted after uploading it. If in the event that you have uploaded an incorrect file or incomplete files, you need to repeat the uploading process and upload the correct and complete files to overwrite the previously uploaded document/s.
STEP 4Make sure that you have accomplished all the modules completely with true information and correct spellings and uploaded all the required documents before you press the SUBMIT button. You can no longer make any change in the information you provided in your application once submitted.

Scholarship examination

The qualifying examination is scheduled on August 26-27, 2023. The pertinent information about the examination will be indicated in the test permit which will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address on August 21, 2023 . However, the cancellation of the conduct of the qualifying examination is possible depending on the recommendations of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases. In this event, proper communication will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address.

Announcement of Scholarship qualifiers

If your performance in the scholarship examination meet the cut-off score, you shall be considered a potential qualifier. You will receive a notice through your registered e-mail address advising you to submit a certification stating that you are enrolled as a REGULAR THIRD YEAR student in your course and school in the First Semester of AY 2023-2024. Submit this document on or before the deadline set in the notice.

Check the SEI website: and some national newspapers/tabloids for the announcement of the scholarship qualifiers sometime in October 2023. If you qualify for the scholarship, you will be receive a Notice of Award through your registered email address.

Effectivity of Scholarship award

A qualifier who accepts the scholarship award must attend the orientation on the scholarship policies and sign the Scholarship Agreement to become a DOST-SEI scholar. The scholarship award is effective the First Semester of AY 2023-2024.

Questions and Inquiries

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the S&T Scholarship Division at

tel nos.: (02)8583-4912,  (02)8837-2071 loc. 2382
cellphone no.: 09278868816;
online system:
Source: Department of Science and Technology