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Philippine Navy

The Philippine Navy is the naval warfare service branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Its mission is to protect the Philippines’ sovereignty and territorial integrity, safeguard its maritime interests, and promote its maritime security and prosperity. The Philippine Navy is responsible for maintaining maritime security and enforcing maritime laws and regulations within the country’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.

The Philippine Navy was established in 1898 and has since undergone various changes and improvements to adapt to the changing needs of the country. It has a proud history of serving the nation and has participated in numerous domestic and international missions and operations.

The Philippine Navy’s organization is composed of several major units, including the Fleet, the Naval Air Wing, the Marine Corps, the Naval Reserve Command, and the Naval Education and Training Command. These units work together to fulfill the Philippine Navy’s mission and objectives.

The Fleet is the Philippine Navy’s principal unit, consisting of various vessels, including frigates, corvettes, patrol boats, and support ships. The Naval Air Wing provides air support to the Fleet and conducts maritime surveillance and reconnaissance operations. The Marine Corps is responsible for conducting amphibious and land-based operations, while the Naval Reserve Command is tasked with mobilizing civilian volunteers to support the Philippine Navy’s mission.

The Philippine Navy also has a robust education and training program, with the Naval Education and Training Command providing training and education to Philippine Navy personnel and civilian students.

The Philippine Navy is continuously modernizing and upgrading its capabilities to meet the challenges of modern maritime security. It is acquiring new vessels, weapons, and equipment to enhance its maritime defense and security capabilities. The Philippine Navy is also engaging in strategic partnerships and alliances with other navies to promote regional security and stability.

In addition to its defense and security role, the Philippine Navy is also involved in humanitarian and disaster response operations. The Philippine Navy has played a crucial role in responding to natural disasters, such as typhoons, floods, and earthquakes, by providing rescue and relief operations.

Overall, the Philippine Navy is a vital component of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and is committed to serving the nation and protecting its maritime interests. It is a highly professional and dedicated organization that is continuously improving and adapting to meet the changing needs of the country.

Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating

Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating is a specialized position in the Philippine Navy responsible for supporting the fleet operations of the naval vessels. The shipboard rating works closely with the officers and crew of the ship to maintain its safety and efficiency during various maritime missions.

The primary duties of a Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating include deck and engine maintenance, cargo handling, watchkeeping, and other shipboard operations. They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the ship’s deck, handling the cargo and equipment on board, and monitoring and controlling the ship’s propulsion and power systems.

Fleet Operations Shipboard Ratings are also responsible for performing safety drills and assisting in emergency situations such as man overboard, fire, flooding, and other hazardous situations that may arise during the ship’s operation.

To become a Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating, one must undergo a rigorous six-month training program that covers a wide range of topics, including basic seamanship, shipboard safety, navigation, communication, and basic maintenance. The program is designed to equip the trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills to become efficient shipboard ratings.

After the training program, successful applicants will be assigned to various ships in the Philippine Navy’s fleet. They will work closely with experienced personnel, enabling them to gain practical experience and develop their skills further.

Becoming a Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating in the Philippine Navy is a rewarding and challenging career. It offers a unique opportunity to serve the country while gaining valuable experience in the maritime industry. If you have a passion for serving your country and a strong desire to work in the maritime industry, then a career as a Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating may be the perfect fit for you.


  • Must be 18 to 26 years old
  • Minimum height of 5 ft.
  • Has completed at least 72 units, TESDA NCII and K to 12 related courses
  • Must be a natural born Filipino citizen and of good moral character
  • Single and have not sired or bore a child
  • If working, he/she must not be under any job contract and/or may resign at once without contractual impediments

Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating Related Courses

Sonarman (SO)– Telecom OSP & Subscriber Line Installation (Copper Cable/ Plots & DSL) NCII
– Telecom OSP Installation (Fiber Optic Cable) NCII
– Wireless Transmission Technician
– Computer Related Courses
Torpedo Man (TM)
Missile Man (MM)
Fire Controlman (FC)
– Electromechanics Technology Program
– Electromechanics Technology
– Computer Related Courses
Operations Specialist (OS)– Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation
– Able Seafarer Deck (STCW Regulation II/5)
– Able Seafarer Deck (STCW Regulation II/5) Migration from Deck Seafaring NCII
– Able Seafarer Deck (STCW Regulation III/5)
– Certificate in Seafarer-Deck Rating Course NCII
– Deck Seafaring NCII (BSMT)
– Deck Seafaring NCII and NCII
– Two (2) Year Marine Transportation Technology
– Computer Related Courses
Ship’s Serviceman (SH)– Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
– Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Service Technology (DTP)
– Corrosion Protection and Paint Maintenance
– Steward Rating Course NCII
– Computer Related Courses

Career Opportunities

  • Opportunity for Career Advancement
  • Opportunity for Post Graduate studies on top universities both within the country and abroad for free.
  • Opportunity to study abroad with good compensation and allowance.
  • Opportunity to serve the country and lead sailors/ marines.
  • Opportunity to serve in international peacekeeping missions.
  • Opportunity to travel abroad and interact with foreign navies.

Pay, Allowances and Benefits

  • Earn as much as Php 25,637.00 while on the training as Candidate Soldier (CS) equivalent to Salary Grade 13.
  • earn as much as Php 37,338.00 upon graduation with the rank of Apprentice Seaman (ASN)/ Private (PVT) equivalent to Salary Grade 17.
  • Longevity pay of 10% of the current monthly base pay compounded every five years of active military service.
  • Benefits and privileges Free Medical and Dental Services (including dependents), insurance, billeting, and housing privileges.
  • Leadership and other skills Training

AFPSAT Schedule

Naval Forces Central10 – 21 April 2023Naval Base Rafael Ramos, Lapu Lapu City, Cebu
Naval Forces West01 – 12 May 2023Naval Station Apolinario Jalandoon, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Naval Forces Southern Luzon22 May – 02 June 2023Naval Station Julhasan Arasain, Legaspi, Albay
Naval Forces Northern Luzon12 – 23 June 2023Naval Station Ernesto Ogbinar, Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union


  • Original and photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
  • Original and photocopy of School Certificate and Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • NC II Certificate (TESDA) Senior High Graduates with 72 units completion
  • Three (3) 2″ x 2″ Colored pictures with white background
  • Accomplished NPMC Application form (downloaded online or available during registration) can also be seen HERE
  • Authenticated photocopy of two (2) valid ID (Preferably Government Issued ID)
  • PSA Certificate of No Marriage (Applicant must be single and has no dependent child or any legal obligation to support a child)
  • NBI Clearance

To all interested applicants for Fleet Operations Shipboard Rating Special Enlistment, kindly accomplish the FOSR Special Enlistment Application Form (click here).


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Don’t miss out on this chance to serve your country while building a fulfilling career in the maritime industry. The recruitment process is rigorous and highly selective, but the rewards are immense.

Enlisted personnel receive competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, free housing and food while on duty, and the opportunity to be a part of a dedicated and professional team committed to serving the country’s maritime interests.

Submit your applications now and take the first step towards a rewarding and challenging career in the Philippine Navy. Don’t wait, apply today!

Source: The Philippine Fleet

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