Join the UK’s Healthcare Frontline: Apply Now as a Midwife, 20 Vacancies Available!

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Friendly Advice for Jobseekers

Before applying, take your job search to the next level by thoroughly reviewing the midwifery job positions at ASC Global Recruitment, Inc. 

Understanding the job descriptions, qualifications, requirements, deadlines, and other essential details will give you a competitive advantage and show the company that you are a serious and well-prepared candidate. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to stand out and secure your dream midwifery job. Review carefully and apply confidently with ASC Global Recruitment, Inc.

Job Summary

Join the ASC Global Recruitment, Inc. team as a Midwife in the United Kingdom. With 20 vacancies available and a salary of GBP 23,650.00 – 25,655.00 per year, this is an opportunity you want to take advantage of. 

This job opportunity requires applicants to have at least one year of work experience and hold a professional license, obtained by passing the relevant board, bar, or professional license exam. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language by taking either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Occupational English Test (OET).

Furthermore, this comes with an annual basic salary of PHP 1.8M (£27,055) and includes a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) and a Health and Care Visa with priority processing, allowing for fast deployment. Accommodation is also arranged and often provided for free during the first month.

Don’t miss this chance to kickstart a flourishing career in the healthcare industry. Submit your application today and begin your journey toward a thriving and rewarding future!

About ASC Global Recruitment, Inc.

ASC Global Recruitment, Inc. is a land-based recruitment agency duly licensed by the (POEA) Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) specializing in the career placement of Filipino professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment.

For 20 years, ASC Global Recruitment has been committed to fueling the dreams of Filipinos who are eagerly looking for better opportunities that can eventually change their lives outside the borders of the Philippines. ASC has deployed more than 13,000 talent to countries like the United Kingdom, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

ASC’s business proposition is to ensure quality above anything else. Located in two key cities in the Philippines, ASC Global Recruitment has a presence in the Makati Central Business District and in the Queen City of the South, Cebu.

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Job Description

As a midwife, your role is vital in providing essential care and support to expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. Your job responsibilities will involve the following:

  • Conducting prenatal exams to monitor the health of expectant mothers and their unborn babies.
  • Providing guidance on healthy habits and lifestyle choices during pregnancy, such as diet and exercise.
  • Developing birth plans with expectant mothers and their families, outlining preferences for labor and delivery.
  • Providing emotional support during labor and delivery, including coaching and pain management techniques.
  • Monitoring the health and well-being of newborn babies immediately after birth.
  • Providing postpartum care to mothers and babies, including lactation support and newborn care education.
  • Educating patients on family planning and contraception options.
  • Collaborating with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Your expertise and skill set will be crucial in providing compassionate and comprehensive care to expectant mothers, newborn babies, and their families.

ASC Global’s midwives are crucial in delivering exceptional quality healthcare work. They are looking for individuals who are dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about their craft to provide outstanding service and meet the needs of their clients.

If you are motivated to deliver exceptional service, we strongly encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Job Qualifications

If you’re looking to apply for the midwifery position at ASC Global, here are the requirements you’ll need to meet:

  1. Experience: A minimum of 1 year(s) of working experience is required.
  2. Education: Candidates must be a Prof’l License(Passed Board/Bar/Prof’l License Exam) holder.
  3. Certification: Applicants must have passed an English Language Exam: IELTS or OET.


This job opportunity also comes with a comprehensive benefits package and is ideal for those who are looking to work in the healthcare industry. The benefits are as follows:

  • ₱1.8M basic salary (Based on current conversion rate)
  • FREE Flight ticket to the UK
  • FREE First 8 weeks of accommodation
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)
  • Immigration Skills Charge
  • Health and Care Visa
  • ₱22,000 Cash advance/loan
  • ₱19,700 Refund of NMC Fees (Assessment & Initial Registration Fees)
  • ₱13,500 Contribution towards English language test fees
  • FREE UK RN handbook worth ₱675

Competitive Salary

The salary for the midwifery position is GBP 23,650.00 – 25,655.00 per year, equivalent to around PHP 1,581,272.99 – 1,715,557.11, or PHP 131,772.75 – 142,963.09 monthly.

Deadline of Application

Take advantage of the opportunity to jumpstart your career! 

The application deadline for this midwifery position is approaching on May 25, 2023

Submit your requirements today and take the first step towards a promising future.

About the Principal Employer

Join Drake Medox, a reputable employer in the United Kingdom.

With its address in Drake Medox – UK, this is your opportunity to work for a company that values its employees and provides them with a dynamic and supportive work environment. 

This job has no placement fee, so you can easily focus on your career development and growth.


In conclusion, if you’re a midwife looking for a fulfilling career, ASC Global Recruitment, Inc. has the perfect opportunity for you.

With 20 midwifery positions available, the company offers a competitive salary of GBP 23,650.00 – 25,655.00 annually and a comprehensive benefits package. 

To qualify for this job, applicants must have at least one year of working experience and obtain a professional license by passing the appropriate board, bar, or professional license exam. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language by taking either the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Occupational English Test (OET).

With a deadline of May 25, 2023, make sure to submit your requirements and start your journey toward a successful career as a midwife.

ASC Global Recruitment, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality service and finding the right career opportunities for job seekers. 

So, take advantage of this opportunity and thoroughly review the midwifery positions before applying. 

Show the company that you’re a serious and well-prepared candidate and secure your dream midwifery job.

Important Notice

ASC Global Recruitment, Inc. operates through manpower pooling and thereby will collect no fees from job applicants. 

It is crucial to be watchful for those who may try to deceive or exploit job seekers, such as illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

How to Apply

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Application Process
  1. Read through the job posting carefully to determine if you meet the requirements for the position.
  2. Submit your application through this link: or through ASC Global Recruitment, Inc.’s office at 18/F Trident Tower 312 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
  3. Send your updated resume or curriculum vitae (CV) with complete contact information, work experience, educational background, and other relevant information the employer requires via email at
  4. After submitting your application and requirements, wait for a response from the employer. They may contact you for further information or to schedule an interview.
  5. If selected, you will be invited for an interview. During the interview, you will be asked about your skills and experience, and you may also be required to perform a skills test.
  6. If you are successful in the interview and skills test, the employer may offer you the job.

Note: The fastest way to receive feedback from recruitment officers is by visiting the head office in person.

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