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Hello there, high school graduates! 

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We know the importance of the job, and we all want to support our family. 

This article will help you achieve your dream job as an Electronic Equipment Assembler.

It will guide you in gathering all the relevant information required for the job.

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Job Description

Electronic Equipment Assembler Job Vacancies

As an Electronic Equipment Assembler, you will play a crucial role in reading and interpreting assembly instructions, assembling electronic components, and ensuring the quality of finished units meets the highest standards. 

This role requires attention to detail, proficiency with hand and electronic tools, and a commitment to maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Read and interpret assembly instructions, blueprint specifications, and parts lists to gather parts and tools necessary for assembly.
  • Assemble components and parts according to specifications using hand and electronic tools.
  • Inspect, test, and adjust completed units to meet specifications, tolerances, and customer order requirements.
  • Identify and resolve assembly issues or defective parts with supervisors or engineers to ensure product quality.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Collaborate with other team members to increase efficiency and meet production targets.
  • Document assembly actions by completing production and quality forms.
  • Participate in continuous improvement activities and training to keep up with the latest assembly techniques and industry standards.

Qualifications of Electronic Equipment Assembler Job Vacancies

Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. is looking for male/female Electronic Equipment Assembler applicants who are:

  • Age: 20 to 35 years old
  • Status: Single or Married
  • Education: At least High School Graduate
  • Experience: At least one year
  • No major surgery five (5) years back from today
  • Strictly NO TATTOO for first-timers to work in Japan
  • Willing to study the Japanese language for 4-6 months (Free of charge), Board & lodging, and own expense.

These qualifications ensure the applicants have the necessary skills, experience, and attributes.

Job Requirements

To apply for the role of Electronic Equipment Assembler, you’ll need to provide the following documents:

  1. An updated resume
  2. Photocopy of Passport
  3. PSA Birth Certificate
  4. NBI Clearance Copy
  5. One piece 2×2 photo with a white background
  6. PEOS Certificate (https://peos.dmw.gov.ph/)
  7. E-registration Certificate (https://onlineservices.dmw.gov.ph/)

Apply now for an Electronic Equipment Assembler career with Sanko Employment Solutions Inc.

Competitive Salary

According to the Salary Expert website, the average Electronic Equipment Assembler’s gross salary in Japan is ¥2,817,722 (around Php 1,050,305.88) per year, or an equivalent hourly rate of ¥1,355 (around Php 505.08). 

In addition, they earn an average bonus of ¥37,476 (approximately Php 13,969.18). 

Salary estimates are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Japan.

However, this salary can vary significantly based on several factors, such as experience, skills, gender, and location. 

Principal Employer

Here is the employer for the Electronic Equipment Assembler job in Japan:

  • Kyodo Kumiai International Material Encourage (3 vacancies)

This principal employer is committed to providing employment opportunities and support services to their members, community, and Filipino workers.

How to Apply

Here’s a step-by-step guide on applying for the job:

Step 1: Online Application

Step 2: Contact the Recruitment Agency

  • Dial the recruitment agency’s phone numbers: +632 805 9855 or +632 805 9904.
  • Inquire about the job role and express your interest in applying. They might provide you with initial information or guidance.

Step 3: Submit the Application via Email

  • Send your application to apply@sankomanpower.com.
  • Wait for further instructions or guidance on the next steps of the application process.

Step 4: Visit the Agency’s Office

  • If convenient, visit the agency’s office at Unit A, F & C Bldg., 2275 Interior P. Burgos St., Brgy. 58 Zone 7, Pasay City, Philippines.
  • Inquire directly about the job role and application process with the agency’s representatives.

Step 5: Follow-Up

  • Stay proactive by following up on your application via email or phone.
  • Be prepared to attend any interviews or assessments during the application process.

Remember, each step is an opportunity to showcase your interest and suitability for the job.

Application Deadline

Unfortunately, the agency has not provided specific information regarding the application deadline.

It’s important to remember that the vacancies for this position are limited, so it’s best to submit your application as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting hired.

We recommend regularly checking the agency’s website or contacting them directly for updates on the deadline. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pursue your dreams of working abroad and providing for your family!


To sum up, becoming an Electronic Equipment Assembler in Japan is an excellent option for high school graduates who want to provide for their families and ensure a secure future. 

Sanko Employment Solutions Inc. is looking for candidates who can provide a chance to work in a fulfilling environment. 

The average Electronic Equipment Assembler’s gross salary in Japan is ¥2,817,722 (around Php 1,050,305.88) per year, or an equivalent hourly rate of ¥1,355 (around Php 505.08). 

Yet, getting hired requires thorough preparation, following the application process, and meeting the necessary qualifications.

To increase your chances of getting hired, follow these simple tips:

  • Make sure your resume highlights your relevant skills.
  • Learn Japanese since it’s free and will help you communicate better at work.
  • Have all your documents ready and double-check them before applying.
  • Carefully follow the instructions when you apply, whether online or in person.
  • Be prepared to talk about your skills and past work during interviews.
  • Show that you understand the importance of safety and quality in your work.
  • Feel free to follow up on your application to show interest.
  • Be open to learning new things and adapting to new working methods.
  • Practice answering interview questions to help you stay calm during the real thing.

By taking these steps, you’ll improve your chances of landing the job. Good luck!


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