The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has issued a valid license to ABD OVERSEAS MANPOWER CORPORATION as a recruitment and placement firm with License No. For its numerous clients abroad, POEA-140-LB-042512-R specializes in personnel search and manpower supply. The business takes satisfaction in having happy customers in a variety of locations, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Brunei, Qatar, Kuwait, and the Middle East, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since it opened for business in 1990, ABD OVERSEAS MANPOWER CORPORATION has sent more than 50,000 workers abroad.

The company is led by its President and CEO, ALICIA B. DEVULGADO, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the office with the assistance of twenty skilled office personnel with experience in the recruitment sector. Another participant is ALICIA B. DEVULGADO.

ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation has been granted a license by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) with License No. POEA-140-LB-042512-R specializes in staffing searches and manpower supply for its numerous clientele internationally. Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Brunei, Qatar, Kuwait, and the Middle East, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are just a few of the places where the company takes pride in having satisfied clients.

The company is focused on providing clients with quality and competent service. The company believes that meeting and surpassing the needs of their clients is always the first priority and every client request deserves nothing but the company’s best effort. Extensive screening of applicants and sets of qualifying examinations are in place in the selection process. The examinations include trades and skills testing, medical examinations and psychological examinations in order to ascertain the physical and mental competency of each candidate and ensure the quality of service provided by the company.

The company is led by its President and CEO, ALICIA B. DEVULGADO, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the office with the assistance of twenty skilled office personnel with experience in the recruitment sector. The Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines (OPAP), one of the major associations of authorized recruiting firms in the nation, also has ALICIA B. DEVULGADO as a member of the board of directors and vice president of internal affairs.

The president of ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation, Ms. Alicia B. Devulgado, was already quite engaged in the recruiting sector before the company was founded. She has worked as a marketing director for a number of employment companies and has gained expertise of every facet of the business. The success of the companies she worked with and the growth in the number of her clients inspired her to start her own firm. ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation, which was previously known as United Placement International, was finally acquired by her once it had obtained the necessary licenses. On December 3, 1990, it was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Rig Driller in Australia

  • Vacancies: 12
  • Salary per day: Php 16,363.69
  • Job Description:
    • The Driller is an essential member of the drilling crew and directs the crew in all activities.
    • He will operate the rig and ensure a secure working environment when drilling and trip activities are underway.
    • He is in charge of training and supervising the personnel during all other activities so that they can carry out the drilling schedule and help move the rig.
    • Use the hoisting and drilling machinery.
    • In both of these activities, the driller’s console serves as the duty station and contains
    • The Draw-works, TDS, Iron Roughneck, controls for the mud pump, and other gauges.
    • The Driller must be able to operate the mud pumps, adjust the top drive speed, run casing, connect both, raise and lower the drill stem, and maintain the operator-specified parameters.
    • To ensure that the drilling fluid cools, lubricates, and removes bit cuttings from the hole as instructed by the OCR, maintain the right circulation rate.
    • Determine the correct drilling fluid characteristics from the Derrickman’s log.
    • The Driller, with assistance from the Rig Manager, Derrickman, and Assistant Driller, modifies the mud parameters under the guidance of the Mud Engineer and OCR in the event of lost circulation or probable kick.
    • Run or help in running specialized gear into the hole for coring, testing, logging, or fishing reasons. for bits, bit cones, or other drill stem pieces that may have fallen into the hole.
    • Keep the mud’s circulation rate coming from the OCR approximately constant.
    • The Driller will promptly implement the Well Control Procedure Plan if the mud circulation rate (flow-line) or mud pit level change, which could indicate a potential kick.
  • Qualifications:
    • A minimum of five years’ worth of professional experience is needed. A Vocational Diploma or Short Course Certificate in Engineering (Petroleum, Oil, or Gas) or a related discipline is required of candidates.
    • a minimum of five years’ experience (preferred) in the drilling sector;
    • At least one year of experience as an assistant driller (preferred) –
    • Senior First Aid, CPR, DCGI, 4×4 Field Vehicle Operation, Breathing Apparatus
    • Permit to Work Holder Rev. 3, Permit to Work Authority Rev. 3, Hazard Recognition Program/JSA, Confined Space Training, Gas Testing and Monitoring, and Working At Heights
    • Blowout Prevention – IWCF BOP Level 3 Driller, Certificate II in Drilling – Oil/Gas, Certificate III in Drilling – Oil/Gas, Certificate IV in Drilling – Oil/Gas
    • Technical knowledge:
    • Physically competent to perform prolonged manual labor; Must be able to work safely and skillfully as a part of the drilling crew;
    • the ability to operate and maintain specialized equipment mechanically
    • Rig Pass Induction, Master Driller Course, Incident Recording and Investigation, ADR- Iron Roughneck, ADR- Canrig catwalk, and ADR- Top Drive

Principal/Employer: FOCUS Offshore Services

Principal / Employer Address: Subiaco, Australia

Placement Fee: This job has no placement fee.


For manpower pooling only. No fees in any form and/or purpose will be collected from the applicants. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

How to Apply:

For interested applicants please click the link to apply: and be sure to upload your updated CV or resume.

For further information, you may contact the recruitment agency at telephone number 8434757; 8876041; 09189540700; 09176204709 or submit your application via email so the recruiter can contact you for further instructions. Walk in applicants can also visit the agency to submit their CV for immediate screening. The office of ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation is located at GF & 2nd Floor, 2310 Marconi Cor. M San Isidro, Makati Metro Manila, Philippines.
Deadline: August 18, 2022
Source: Work Abroad