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The Department of Finance (DOF; Filipino: Kagawaran ng Pananalapi) is the executive department of the Philippine government, serves as the government’s economic steward, responsible for formulating and implementing fiscal policies that steer the country towards sustained economic growth and financial stability. Its comprehensive approach encompasses revenue generation, financial management, and strategic planning.

One of the DOF’s notable achievements is its successful pursuit of tax reforms that promote fairness, simplicity, and efficiency. Through landmark legislation such as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, the department has restructured the tax system, lightening the burden on low-income earners while ensuring a more equitable distribution of tax responsibilities. These reforms have enhanced the government’s revenue base, providing vital funds for social programs, infrastructure development, and public services.

In addition to tax reforms, the DOF has implemented robust revenue generation initiatives that have yielded impressive results. Its relentless efforts in improving tax administration, combating tax evasion and smuggling, and expanding the tax base have significantly boosted revenue collection. The department’s adoption of modern technologies and digital systems has streamlined processes, reduced bureaucratic red tape, and enhanced transparency, making it easier for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations.

The DOF’s expertise in financial management is another cornerstone of its success. It formulates annual budgets that align with the government’s development priorities and ensures effective utilization of resources. Through prudent spending and rigorous financial planning, the department maximizes the impact of public funds, channeling them towards critical sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and poverty alleviation programs. Its commitment to fiscal discipline and transparency has earned the confidence of investors, both local and foreign, further bolstering economic growth and attracting capital inflows.

The department’s collaborative approach is another commendable aspect. It actively engages with other government agencies, private sector entities, and international partners to foster cooperation and synergies. Through partnerships with multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and International Monetary Fund, the DOF taps into global expertise and best practices, enabling it to address complex economic challenges and seize opportunities for development.

Furthermore, the DOF’s dedicated and competent workforce is instrumental in its accomplishments. The department attracts top talent in economics, finance, law, and related fields, ensuring a high level of professionalism and expertise. It invests in continuous capacity building, providing training and development opportunities to enhance the skills and knowledge of its personnel. This commitment to human capital development ensures that the department remains at the forefront of emerging trends and global standards in finance and economic management.

Ultimately, the Department of Finance in the Philippines is a paragon of excellence in fiscal management, revenue generation, and economic development. Through its visionary policies, collaborative approach, and competent workforce, the department has positioned the country for sustained economic growth, social progress, and a brighter future for all Filipinos. Its unwavering commitment to sound financial practices, transparency, and innovation continues to inspire confidence and drive positive change in the Philippine economy.

DOF Vacant Positions

The Department of Finance (DOF) in the Philippines is excited to announce the availability of 28 enticing job vacancies. This presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals to join the dynamic and accomplished DOF family, where their talents will be nurtured and their potential unleashed.

  • One (1) Administrative Officer V (Management and Audit Analyst III) (SG18/ Php 46,725 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Administrative Officer IV (Budget Officer II) (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Accountant II (SG16/ Php 39,672 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Administrative Officer II (SG11/ Php 27,000 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Project Evaluation Officer II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Economist II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Planning Officer II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Attorney V (SG25/ Php 102,690 Monthly Salary)
  • Three (3) Attorney IV (SG23/ Php 80,003 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Internal Auditor IV (SG22/ Php 71,511 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Internal Auditor I (SG11/ Php 27,000 Monthly Salary)
  • Two (2) Tax Specialist II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Document Examiner II (SG14/ Php 33,843 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Administrative Officer I (Records Officer I) (SG10/ Php 23,176 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Computer Programmer III (SG18/ Php 46,725 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Computer Maintenance Technologist III (SG17/ Php 43,030 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Attorney III (SG21/ Php 63,997 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Graft Prevention and Control Officer III (SG18/ Php 46,725 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Graft Prevention and Control Officer II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
    One (1) Development Management Officer II (SG15/ Php 36,619 Monthly Salary)
  • One (1) Chief Tax Specialist (SG24/ Php 90,078 Monthly Salary)

Please check the PDF below for the Plantilla Item No. in each position, qualification standard and competencies:

Documentary Requirements

Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter and send to the address below not later than June 3, 2023.

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017)
  2. Performance rating in the last rating period (if applicable);
  3. Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license; and
  4. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.

How to Apply

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to hand in or send through courier/email their application to:

Chief Administrative Officer, HRMDD 
Department of Finance, Roxas Blvd. 
Cor. Pablo Ocampo Sr. St., Manila 



As members of the DOF team, individuals will have the opportunity to work on challenging and high-impact projects. From formulating fiscal policies that drive sustainable growth to optimizing revenue collection systems, their work will directly influence the financial well-being of the nation. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, they will be at the forefront of shaping the future, driving economic progress, and building a stronger, more prosperous Philippines.

Moreover, the DOF recognizes the importance of work-life balance and offers a supportive and inclusive work environment. The department values the well-being of its employees and understands that a healthy work-life equilibrium leads to greater productivity and job satisfaction. It also provides ample opportunities for career advancement and professional development, ensuring that employees’ skills are continually honed and their aspirations are nurtured.

For highly motivated individuals with a passion for economics, finance, or policy-making, this is the ideal moment to seize this incredible opportunity. Joining the DOF family offers a fulfilling career that combines their passion for making a difference with the chance to contribute to the nation’s progress.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of an exceptional team that is driving economic growth, ensuring fiscal stability, and shaping the future of the Philippines. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply now and become valued members of the Department of Finance, where their talents will be celebrated and their careers will thrive. Together, let us create a brighter future for our beloved nation.

Source: Department of Finance
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