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Tile Setter Job Vacancies in Australia 2024, Open for High School Graduates | Apply Now

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Are you a high school graduate looking for a Tile Setter job vacancies in Australia

We know it’s hard, but we understand the importance of finding a job, especially when you want to help your family. 

In this article, we’re here with you. We’ve got your back if you’re interested in Tile Setter jobs in Australia. 

We’ll guide you in understanding the job descriptions, qualifications, salary, how to apply, and deadline. 

We’re here for every step. So, Please keep reading, and let’s make that job yours!

Job Description

Tile Setter Job Vacancies

A Tile Setter is responsible for installing tiles on floors, walls, and other surfaces. 

They measure and cut tiles to fit the space, apply adhesive, and ensure they are aligned and leveled. 

Tile Setters may work on various projects, including commercial and residential buildings, and must know different types of tiles and installation techniques. 

They may also be responsible for repairing and replacing damaged tiles.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Understand and install waterproofing in external and wet areas.
  • Install soundproof acoustic underlay matting.
  • Tile grouting – both floor and wall.
  • Set tiles in position and apply pressure to affix tiles to the base.
  • Align and straighten tiles using levels, squares, and straightedges.
  • Cut and fit tiles around obstacles and openings using hand and power-cutting tools.
  • Pack grout into joints between tiles and remove excess grout.
  • Install tile strips.
  • Mix, lay, and polish terra surfaces.
  • Cut, polish, and install marble and granite.
  • Remove and replace cracked or damaged tiles.

Qualifications of Tile Setter Job Vacancies

Here are the qualifications for a Tile Setter job vacancy in Australia, as per Industrial Personnel And Management Services Inc. (IPAMS):

  • Minimum of six (6) years of experience in Tile Setting.
  • Must be a Secondary Education (High School) or ALS-certified graduate.
  • Proficient in tile cuts with cutter and grinder.
  • Experience in scheduling and material organizing.
  • Reads and understands drawings.
  • A driver’s license is preferred.
  • Willing to take IELTS / OET.

These qualifications are necessary to ensure the Tile Setter has the knowledge and skills to perform the given tasks and responsibilities.

Salary of Tile Setter

According to Indeed, the average salary for a Tile Setter is $74,925 (around Php 2,752,302.44) per year in Australia. 

Salary estimates are based on 371 salaries reported by Tile Setter employees.

It’s important to note that this average salary is an approximation and may vary depending on factors such as education, experience, location, and industry.

Principal Employer

Sunway Global Australia PTY Ltd is a recruitment specialist that helps companies find the right people. 

They’re experts at connecting businesses with skilled workers from the Philippines, making the process easy and efficient. 

With offices in four countries, they ensure top-notch staffing solutions. Every candidate they present has been carefully chosen and tested. 

The company started because it had great hiring experiences in the Philippines and wanted to help other businesses grow with exceptional staff. 

How to Apply

Here’s a step-by-step guide on applying for the job:

Step 1: Create Your Resume/CV: 

  • Prepare your resume or CV with relevant information, such as education, work experience, and skills.

Step 3: Register and Read Important Points: 

  • Click the “Register” button to begin the application process. Read through the important points carefully. Then, click the (x) button to proceed to the application form.

Step 4: Fill Out the Form and Upload Documents: 

  • Complete the application form by entering your details. Make sure to upload your photo and CV. If you still need a PEOS Certificate ID, you can obtain one from https://peos.dmw.gov.ph/. Fill in the PEOS Certificate ID section in the form.

Step 5: Download and Fill Evaluation Form: 

  • Download and fill out the appropriate evaluation form corresponding to your preferred position.

Step 6: Complete Registration: 

  • After filling out the form, click the “Register” button. 
  • If you encounter any issues during registration:
    • A. If you’ve registered before with the same email, log in and click “forgot password” to reset it.
    • B. If you don’t have a PEOS ID, click the provided link to obtain one.
    • If problems persist, email support@ipams.com with a screenshot of the issue, and they’ll assist you.

Step 7: Wait: 

  • Once you’ve completed the registration and submitted your application, wait for further communication from the hiring company.

For more inquiries about how IPAMS handles your applications, click – here.


The deadline for the Tile Setter job vacancies in Australia is March 09, 2024

If you’re interested in applying, complete your application before the deadline. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to start your career as a Tile Setter in Australia. 

Remember to follow the step-by-step guide provided in this article to ensure a smooth and successful application process. Good luck!


In conclusion, a Tile Setter job vacancy in Australia is an excellent opportunity for high school graduates looking to start their careers. 

With a competitive salary and the chance to work on various projects, this job can provide a stable and rewarding career for those interested in this field. 

The average salary for a Tile Setter is $74,925 (around Php 2,752,302.44) per year in Australia. 

If you’re considering applying for this job, read through the job description, qualifications, and how to apply carefully. 

To increase your chances of getting hired, here are some tips:

  • Ensure your resume or CV is well-written and highlights relevant skills and experiences.
  • Research the company and the job position to understand better what they’re looking for.
  • Prepare for the interview by practicing common questions and researching the company’s culture and values.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview and arrive on time.
  • Show enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and grow in the job position.

Remember, finding a job can be challenging, but with the right mindset and preparation, you can increase your chances of success. Good luck with your job search!


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