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Are you struggling to find a job, especially as a high school graduate?

We understand how tough it can be to secure a job, especially when you’re just starting out. We know how crucial it is to find employment to support your family.

In this Article, we genuinely care about your aspirations. Our goal is to help you turn your dream of landing a job into a reality.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps required to grasp the job description, meet the qualifications and average salary, apply effectively, and ensure you meet all necessary deadlines.

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Job Description

The Machine Assembler is responsible for assembling and installing machinery in a manufacturing plant. 

Key responsibilities include:

  • Reading and interpreting blueprints and schematics
  • Assembling machine parts and components
  • Testing and troubleshooting machinery
  • Ensuring that the machines are working efficiently and safely
  • Performing routine maintenance and repairs on the machines
  • Maintaining an inventory of parts and supplies
  • Ensuring that all machinery is properly calibrated
  • Adhering to all safety protocols and regulations

The ideal candidate for this role should have a strong mechanical aptitude, excellent attention to detail, and be able to work well both independently and as part of a team.

Qualifications of Machine Assembler Job Vacancies

If you are interested in applying for a Machine Assembler position in Japan, you must meet specific qualifications. 

The qualifications are:

  • Male; 20-35 years old
  • At least High School Graduate or Vocational Technical Course
  • With more than 2 years related work experience
  • Possesses expertise in maintaining diverse marine engines, familiarity with measuring instruments essential for engine maintenance, and proficiency in maintaining various types of marine propulsion equipment.

If you meet these requirements and are passionate about working as a Machine Assembler, this could be a great opportunity for you to start or continue your career in the industry.

Salary of Machine Assembler

According to the website “Indeed”, the average salary for a machine assembler in Japan is ¥3,589,887 per year (equivalent to Php1,413,125.63), which includes bonuses and overtime pay. 

This figure is based on data from 14,876 employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. 

The salary can range anywhere from ¥2,000,000 to ¥6,000,000 per year, depending on the factors I mentioned earlier, such as experience and education.

It’s worth noting that salaries in Japan can vary depending on the industry and company size as well. 

For example, machine assemblers working in the automotive industry may earn more than those in other industries. 

Additionally, larger companies may offer higher salaries and better benefits packages than smaller companies.


Magsaysay Global Services Inc. did not specify a deadline, but it’s crucial to ensure you complete and submit your application before the application form on their website becomes unavailable.

Submitting your application early is essential to allow enough time for collecting the required documents and meeting the job qualifications. Best of luck!

How to apply

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying for the Machine Assembler position through Magsaysay Global Services Inc. in Japan:

  • Step 1: Sign Up
  • Step 2: Update Your Resume
    • Make sure your Resume or CV shows off your work experience, education, and any certificates you’ve earned. Don’t forget to include your full name, contact info, and work history.
  • Step 3: Get Your Documents Ready
    • Gather up some important papers. 
    • Also, make photocopies of these documents.
  • Step 4: Visit Their Office
    • You’ll need to head over to MGSI Recruitment Hub located at GF, G.E. Antonino Bldg., Bocobo St. cor. T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita Manila, Philippines.

If you prefer to apply online, you can visit here: How to Apply at Magsaysay Global Services Inc: A Step-by-Step Guide 2023 [Updated]


In conclusion, the Machine Assembler job vacancies in Japan present an excellent opportunity for high school graduates who are looking to start or continue their careers in the industry. 

The job description is detailed and provides a comprehensive overview of the responsibilities and duties required for the position. 

The salary range is competitive, and the step-by-step guide provided makes it easy for interested individuals to apply for the job.

Remember to meet all the necessary qualifications, submit your application early, and gather all the required documents to increase your chances of securing the position. 

Best of luck in your job search!


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