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The Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines is a government-mandated social insurance program designed to provide financial security and protection to private sector employees, self-employed individuals, and voluntary members. Established in 1957, the SSS operates under the Social Security Act of 1997 and is overseen by the Social Security Commission.

The SSS covers various benefits to its members, ensuring their well-being during times of need. These benefits include sickness, maternity, disability, retirement, death, and funeral assistance. Employees and their employers contribute a percentage of the employee’s monthly salary to the SSS fund, with voluntary members paying the entire contribution themselves. The amount contributed depends on the member’s monthly income, subject to a specified salary ceiling.

Members can access their contributions and avail of benefits once they meet certain qualifying conditions. For example, for retirement benefits, a member must have reached the age of 60, completed at least 120 monthly contributions, and stopped working due to old age. In the case of disability, a member must have contributed at least 36 months before the disability occurred.

The SSS also provides loans to its members, such as salary loans and calamity loans, which offer financial assistance during emergencies or urgent needs. These loans are subject to specific terms and conditions, including repayment through monthly amortizations deducted from future contributions.

To ensure efficient service delivery, the SSS has adopted various technological advancements, such as an online portal and mobile app, allowing members to check their contributions, apply for loans, and access information regarding their benefits and eligibility. Additionally, the SSS has a wide network of branch offices and authorized collection partners across the country, facilitating accessible and convenient services to its members.

As one of the pillars of social protection in the Philippines, the Social Security System plays a vital role in promoting economic stability and safeguarding the welfare of workers and their families. Through its comprehensive benefits and streamlined services, the SSS continues to be a fundamental safety net, contributing to the overall welfare of the nation’s workforce.

The Social Security System (SSS) has exciting news to share as they have multiple job vacancies waiting for talented individuals to join their growing family.

SSS Vacant Positions

Position details, job grades, place of assignments, job summaries, and vacancy codes can be accessed on the following PDF:

Application Requirements

  1. All interested applicants shall be given thirty (30) calendar days from the date of this announcement to submit their applications through e-mail to hrrecruitment@sss.gov.ph. Said deadline may be extended if it falls on a weekend or an officially declared holiday or if there is suspension of work within the application period. Please refer to submission guidelines below.
  2. All applicants shall apply to one (1) vacancy only.
  3. Applicants shall fill up the following forms appropriately: (Please fill up the items as specified in TYPEWRITTEN FORM and do not leave any blanks, write N/A for not applicable items)
Application Form for Promotion/Appointment
(Attached to this advisory as Annex D)
One (1) original
*Notarized CSC Form 212 or Personal Data Sheet with latest passport size picture (white background, business attire)
(Attached to this advisory as Annex E)
*Or signed/certified by Administering Officer
Two (2) originalTwo (2) original

Please be reminded that the PDS/WES should be dated and notarized within the application period for this announcement
Work Experience Sheet
(Attached to this advisory as Annex E.1)

Documentary Requirements

  • Transcript of Records (Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, if any)

For recently completed educational degrees, a certification of completion of all course requirements by the School Registrar may be submitted pending the release of the Official Transcript of Records by the school.

  • CSC Eligibility (CSC-authenticated copy)
  • Board/Bar Rating/ Bar Membership (authenticated copy), as applicable
  • PRC ID (renewed/updated) for practice of profession (authenticated copy)
  • Certificates and modules of trainings and seminars relevant to application (with indicated training hours)
  • Certificates of Employment (indicating periods of employment)
  • Official and Certified duties and responsibilities (per employer)
  • Certifications/Personnel Orders of current and previous designations, if any, relevant to applications
  • Performance Ratings for indicated required periods
  • Service Records, if any, in previous or current employment

Following may be required anytime within the period of assessment:

  • NBI, Police and Barangay clearances (original copies)
  • Birth and Marriage certificate (PSA copy)
  • Certification of graduation from the School Registrar (original copy)

Will be required in case of appointment but prior to assumption to duty:

  • Medical Clearance/ Certification of Medical Fitness

Please be advised that assessment shall be based on available and submitted documents.

  1. Only those who file/submit their applications within the deadline shall be considered in the assessment of applicants for the announced vacancies.
  2. Non-compliance of applicants to submission requirements shall be ground for disqualification from further assessment.
  3. A written notice and explanation are required to be submitted immediately for a withdrawn application.

Submission Guidelines

ALL APPLICATIONS SHALL BE SUBMITTED ONLY IN PDF COPIES THRU EMAIL. The hrrecruitment@sss.gov.ph is the official SSS mailbox for external applications, please do not send to other email addresses.

  1. Convert accomplished Application Form and Notarized Personal Data Sheet and all supporting documents you wish to submit in separate PDF Forms: e.g. Application Form.pdf, PDS.pdf, Training.pdf, Cert. of Employment.pdf, Cert of Eigibility.pdf, Transcript of Records.pdf; etc.
  2. Create Applicant Folder with your name as folder/file name. e.g. JUAN DELA CRUZ
  3. Create sub-folder with vacancy code of position being applied for as sub-folder name. e.g. 20ARF0001. Please check if you have the correct vacancy code of the position you wish to apply to. In case of discrepancy, the vacancy code shall prevail.
  4. Attach PDF copies of the forms and all documents in the sub-folder.
  5. Email your Applicant Folder in Zipped form to hrrecruitment@sss.gov.ph with Subject: Your Name and Vacancy Code
  6. Kindly print and keep two original hard copies of the notarized Personal Data Sheet with Work Experience Sheet as these may be required for submission later.


Application Deadline


For other queries and concerns, you may contact the following SSS-HR, OPSD employees thru Tel. No. (632) 8 709-7198:

Local 5472/ 6341Ms. Sally Magsino-Valencerina/ Mr. Lorenz Francis Junsay
Local 6306Mr. Michael Arcena

Source: SSS


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