Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc

What is Jedegal? A Brief Overview of Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc


Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. stands as a beacon in the manpower industry, weaving a story of connection between skilled individuals and promising opportunities.

Nestled at the heart of the recruitment landscape, Jedegal is more than just an agency—it’s a gateway to global career possibilities.

Founded on the principles of integrity and commitment, Jedegal has been navigating the intricate web of international employment since its inception.

With a steadfast dedication to matching talent with demand, the agency has become a trusted bridge, linking skilled professionals with employers seeking excellence.

In this brief overview, we’ll delve into the core values, services, and impact that define Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc.

Discover how this agency has been shaping careers and fostering partnerships, creating a legacy that echoes across borders.

About the Agency

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. stands as a distinguished recruitment and placement agency headquartered in the Philippines.

Specializing in creating pathways for Filipino workers to explore overseas employment opportunities, the agency caters to various industries and professions.

Focusing on connecting skilled Filipino individuals with job openings abroad, Jedegal plays a crucial role in satisfying the demand for foreign labor in countries across the Middle East, Asia, and beyond.

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc.
Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc.

Notably, Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. has earned an outstanding reputation within the industry.

Recognized by the Department of Migrant Worker (DMW), they proudly hold a position in the top ten percent among over a thousand licensed agencies.

This prestigious ranking underscores their commitment to excellence and unwavering adherence to labor regulations and standards.

History & Milestone

1999 – Humble Beginnings: Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. embarked on its journey on October 27, 1999, with a modest start—comprising five incorporators/stockholders and a dedicated team.

2000 – Visionary Leadership: President Jessie L. Galapia and Vice President Dina P. Galapia, leveraging their extensive 30-plus years of combined experience in the recruitment industry, shaped the agency into a top-performing agency.

This milestone marked the company’s ascent in deploying a significant volume of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) globally.

2019 – Two Decades of Growth: In just twenty years, the agency evolved into a formidable organization headquartered in Quezon City, Philippines.

2020 – Industry Recognition: The agency earned acclaim as one of the Philippines’ premier agencies, notably deploying OFWs to countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Kingdom.

2021 – Sector Domination: Establishing itself as a trusted source for skilled professionals, the agency became synonymous with excellence in healthcare, finance, service-oriented businesses, engineering, information technology, and more.

2022 – Global Impact: The agency achieved distinction for deploying Filipino professionals, including doctors, nurses, nursing aides, and hotel workers, to prestigious establishments in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

2023 – Sustaining Excellence: Maintaining its status as a trusted overseas employment agency, Jedegal continues to prioritize the welfare of OFWs and offer comprehensive solutions for employers. The agency’s commitment to competence, professionalism, and satisfaction remains unwavering.

Present – Pioneering the Future: Armed with an experienced management team and an extensive applicant and employer database, the agency ensures a seamless and efficient deployment process.

The agency remains dedicated to exploring new opportunities and providing real solutions to unemployment for Filipinos, solidifying its position as the “New Filipino Heroes.”

Career Opportunities

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License and Validity

The company abides the Philippine law by providing legal and decent jobs to Filipinos with license and certifications from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Certificate No. A199900301 and thereafter, with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and issued License No. 

Jedegal Licensed Validated
Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc 4

DMW-166-LB-09042023-R, now a proud holder of a Certificate of Renewal under License No. DMW-166-LB-09042023-R, , valid from October 28, 2023 until October 27, 2029. 

If you want to see the agency validation up to date you can check it here.


Deploying the best and qualified Overseas Filipino Workers

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. aspires to be one of the top performers among the private overseas employment agencies in the Philippines by deploying only the best and qualified Overseas Filipino Workers to different countries in the world.

Jedegal endeavor in giving a matter of fundamental corporate policy, a balanced employment benefits and opportunities for OFWs. 

The company also aims to create an honest, sincere and mutually contributive relationship with foreign employers in order to assure and sustain a high level of competency, professionalism and satisfaction of both OFWs and employers ultimately rebounding to improved quality of life for the families of OFWs and the Philippines as reliable source highly competitive Overseas Filipino Workers.


Deliver a high level of competency, professionalism and satisfaction

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. dedicates itself to delivering a high level of competency, professionalism and satisfaction – maintaining industry leadership while continuously improving client and applicant relationship and sustaining a collaborative relationship with and among the Philippine government, foreign principals, and OFWs.

As one of the most trusted names in manpower services and active player in the overseas employment program of the Philippine Government, Jedegal ought to:

  1. Recruit and include qualified applicants into its manpower database pooled by its main office based in the heart of the city of Manila.
  2. Systematically and efficiently pre-qualify and shortlist applicants then forward them to foreign principals and employers eliminating in the process unnecessary delay and guaranteeing prompt hiring and deployment to jobs abroad.
  3. Maintain good and harmonious relations with foreign principals, brokers and employers and ensuring maximum employment benefits to the OFWs, not only in terms of salary but also other non-wage considerations. In furtherance thereof, undertake research and development studies, initiatives, strengthen linkages with the objective of attaining the success of these goals.
  4. Conduct post-development and/or on-site support services to ensure the welfare and well-being of the deployed OFWs in their workplace and the faithful compliance by employers of their obligations embodied in the employment contracts as well as provide prompt support and assistance to distressed OFWs deployed, including repatriation caused by events beyond the control of the OFWs and for causes provided by law.



JEDEGAL INTL MANPOWER SERVICES, INC. guided by these commitments’ vows and warrants:

To the Country:

  1. Faithful adherence and compliance with the legal mandates being implemented by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and all other concerned government agencies with special concern for OFWs.
  2. Provide prompt and wholehearted cooperation and support for the concerned government agencies in the repatriation of OFWs in the event of wars, civil disturbance, natural and man- made calamities in the host countries where the company have OFWs deployed.
  3. Explore, develop and maintain new sources of employment opportunities abroad and securing there from maximum employment benefits for the OFWs, thereby easing-out the country’s unemployment problem.
  4. Participate more actively in the charitable activities of institutions involved in philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors to assist the less fortunate members of our society.

For the employers:

  1. Maintain honest and harmonious relationship by developing fast and efficient ways and means towards better communications, selection, hiring and deployment procedures for OFWs.
  2. Adopt a system of “online” pre-qualification, selection and hiring of prospective and qualified OFWs by the extensive use of information technology and communications (ICT) whereby Jedegal manpower pool could be readily accessed.
  3. Provide an efficient and effective system of post-deployment services to both the OFWs and the foreign employers to ascertain that both are mutually benefiting from each other.

To OFWs:

  1. An assured pool of accredited foreign principals, brokers and employers who are the regular clients of the company since its humble beginnings whereby OFWs were satisfactorily deployed.
  2. Provide steady flow of POEA approved job orders from foreign employers, both old and new client.
  3. A system of “online” job applications whereby OFWs may submit their applications and/or inquire the availability of job orders where they may qualify, thereby cutting on transportation expenses and other rigors concomitant to seeking an employment.
  4. Professional, courteous and friendly service provided by the competent and experienced corporate officers and staff.
  5. Prompt support, assistance and cooperation with the concerned Philippine agencies in the resolution of problems encountered at the workplace, primordial concern for the welfare of the OFWs, including repatriation if the situation calls for.


For Jedegal OFW’s 

  1. Recruitment, sourcing and manpower pooling.
  2. Preliminary screening and interview and final interview by the employer.
  3. POEA documentation and work visa processing and follow-up at the embassy of the country of destination.
  4. Pre-and-Post final interview orientations.
    Pre-departure orientation seminars.
  5. Other services and post deployment services and assistance, as the need arise.
    Repatriation assistance pursuant to POEA rules and regulations.

For Foreign Employers

  1. Accommodation assistance and travel arrangements while in the Philippines.
    Assistance during final interview of OFWs.
  2. Mobilization and deployment of the selected OFWs by the employers to their countries of destinations.
  3. On-site client service whereby the agency representative(s) periodically visit(s) the job site abroad to assess other support services the company can offer.

Contact information: 

Ms. Myla
Globe: 0977-307-7537
SMART: 0908-307-7936
Ms. Tin
Globe: 0916-298-6416
Smart: 0928-732-8851
Ms. Ereka
Globe: 0927-206-3103
Smart: 0919-582-8381
Ms. Roselle
Globe: 0966-406-7479
Smart: 0939-384-3473

Ms. Joan
Globe: 0927-849-6618
Smart: 0949-410-4160
Ms. Jen
Smart: 0947-288-1133
Ms. Charie
Globe: 0905-282-7419
Smart: 0929-819-6107

Ms. Bebe
Globe: 0916-298-6847 
Smart: 0929-843-6801

Ms. Neri

Globe: 0966-650-4055
Smart: 0929-774-2250


Ms. Neri
Globe: 0966-650-4055
Smart: 0929-774-2250
02-8352-2192 | 02-8352-2193

Address: Ground floor & 2nd floor Accent Tower, Building 33 Shorthorn St. Project 8 Quezon City. Jedegal Social Media Page: Facebook


Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. is a highly reputable recruitment agency in the Philippines, known for its exceptional ranking by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). 

With over two decades of experience, the agency has become a trusted source of highly skilled professionals, deploying them to various countries worldwide. 

Their commitment is to provide competent and professional services to both overseas Filipino workers and foreign employers. 

Their dedication extends to supporting charitable endeavors and maintaining harmonious relationships with all stakeholders. 

The agency’s mission is to create balanced employment benefits for OFWs and deliver excellence to employers, making them a reliable partner in the global job market.


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