What is ARTA? A Brief Overview of Anti-Red Tape Authority


Discover the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) – a beacon of progress in efficient and transparent government operations.

This article uncovers agency’s vital role in fostering growth and explores its job openings, mission, and application strategies.

Watch the agency’s captivating YouTube video for a clear introduction to the mission and impact of the Anti-Red Tape Authority.

SANA - The Anti-Red Tape Authority

ARTA’s Mission and Impact

Built on efficiency, transparency, and accountability, the agency is tasked with eliminating red tape within government agencies.

Its mission is to streamline government processes, ensuring they are accessible to citizens and businesses.

By minimizing unnecessary steps and simplifying applications, the agency boosts business ease and economic growth.

Why Working at ARTA Matters

Joining the agency is more than a job; it’s a commitment to societal change.

As the agency employee, you actively reshape bureaucracy and promote business-friendliness.

By eliminating needless rules and fostering efficiency, the agency professionals directly contribute to an environment where entrepreneurs thrive, and citizens access public services easily.

Job Openings at ARTA

The agency offers positions across various fields and expertise levels. These roles include policy development, legal affairs, project management, communication, research, and administrative support.

It follows Equal Employment Opportunity principles, ensuring no discrimination based on age, sex, orientation, identity, status, disability, religion, ethnicity, or politics.

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Optimizing Your Application

Securing a position requires a strategic application. Here’s how to optimize your chances while aligning with its values:

  • Research the Organization: Understand its mission, values, and initiatives. Show how your skills match its goals.
  • Tailor Your Application: Customize your resume and cover letter, emphasizing relevant skills. Address how your background aligns with its mission.
  • Highlight Impact: Showcase instances of streamlined processes or transparent governance. Its values professionals who make a difference.
  • Demonstrate Adaptability: Emphasize your adaptability in a dynamic environment. The agency tackles complex challenges, requiring quick thinking.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Highlight teamwork and stakeholder collaboration. Its success relies on diverse cooperation.
  • Ethical Responsibility: Stress ethics in government roles. The agency values transparency, accountability, and public welfare.

For interested and qualified applicants, submit your applications through its designated online forms:

Notice: The ARTA Online Recruitment Form is accessible only within the application period.

You can download the Personal Data Sheet and templates here. Make sure to upload supporting documents in PDF format. Having government service experience is an advantage.

For any inquiries, feel free to get in touch with the the agency’s Human Resource Development Division at application.status@arta.gov.ph or call at 84785091 / 8478-5093 / 8478-5099.


Its dedication to efficiency and transparency fuels growth. Its job openings provide a unique chance to contribute.

By aligning skills with its values, you can reshape bureaucracy for a brighter future.

Join the agency and help eliminate red tape, propelling progress for businesses and citizens.

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