Commission On Audit (COA) Job Vacancies 2023

If you’re considering a meaningful career in public service, the Commission on Audit (COA) in the Philippines offers an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the country’s governance and financial transparency.

Commission on Audit Job Vacancies 2023

COA, an independent constitutional body, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that public funds are used efficiently and responsibly.

Let’s delve into the vital aspects of COA, from its role and duties to the recruitment process and why working with COA truly matters.

Understanding the Commission on Audit (COA)

The Commission on Audit, established under the 1987 Constitution, serves as the Philippines’ supreme auditing institution. Its primary responsibility is to examine, audit, and settle all accounts related to government revenue, expenditures, and property ownership.

The COA is responsible for developing accounting and auditing regulations aimed at preventing the misuse and over-expenditure of government funds.

Furthermore, it submits yearly reports to both the President and Congress, emphasizing the financial state and activities of the government.

In addition, the COA proposes strategies to improve the efficiency and efficacy of government operations, positioning itself as a significant contributor to the promotion of good governance.

Why Working with COA Matters

Joining COA provides you with an opportunity to be part of a dynamic institution committed to ensuring fiscal responsibility and ethical governance.

By upholding COA’s core values of God Centeredness, Patriotism, Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism, Courtesy, Modesty and Humility, and Reverence for Truth and the Rule of Law, you become an agent of change, contributing to a better future for every Filipino.

COA’s vision of being a trustworthy, respected, and independent audit institution aligns with your aspirations for meaningful work.

In a nation where public funds have a significant impact on the lives of all citizens, the role of the Commission on Audit (COA) is of utmost importance.

As an employee of COA, you hold a critical responsibility in safeguarding these funds and ensuring their optimal utilization for the greater benefit of the country.

Regardless of your designation as an auditor, accountant, or administrative staff member, your contribution holds significant value.

COA’s work directly influences the government’s efficiency and accountability, thereby serving as a catalyst for positive change.

Career Opportunities and Recruitment Procedures

Becoming a part of COA entails joining a team that is fully committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible governance.

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The COA recruitment process is carefully crafted to identify individuals who share an unwavering dedication to these core values.

Here’s a breakdown of the recruitment requirements:

Application Submission (Before taking the COA Pre-employment Test):

  • Application letter
  • Personal Data Sheet (PDS) – CS Form No. 212 (Revised 2017) (original copy)
  • Passport size ID picture
  • Government-issued ID with thumb mark
  • Work Experience Sheet (WES) attached to the PDS (original copy)
  • Affidavit declaring information on relatives in COA, residency status, and willingness to accept lower position level/salary grade (original copy)
  • Transcript of Records (TOR) (photocopy)
  • Diploma (photocopy)
  • Certificates of Training (photocopy) – relevant to the position

Additional Requirements:

  • For Licensed Professionals:
    • Certificate of Registration issued by the PRC
    • Certificate of board rating issued by the PRC
    • Valid professional license issued by the PRC
  • For Lawyers:
    • Certificate of membership in the Philippine BAR issued by the Supreme Court
    • Certificate of BAR rating issued by the Supreme Court
  • For CS Professional/Sub-professional:
    • Certificate of eligibility issued by the CSC

Initial Interview (After taking the COA Pre-employment Test):

  • Original copies of TOR and Diploma
  • Decision issued for appointees with decided administrative/criminal cases (photocopy)

Additional Requirements for Transferees and Reemployment:

  • Last approved appointment (photocopy)
  • Performance Rating/s (photocopy)
  • Clearance from the Office of the Ombudsman (photocopy) – for transferees only
  • Clearance from previous employer-government agency (photocopy) – for reemployment only

Final Interview (After Passing the Initial Interview):

  • Notarized PDS (2 original copies)
  • Updated WES (2 original copies)
  • Notarized affidavit (original copy)
  • Certificate of employment (original copy) – for positions requiring relevant experience
  • Additional documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Contract/Certificate (if applicable)

Assumption to Office (After Passing the Final Interview):

  • Certification of Assumption to Duty (CS Form No. 4, Revised 2018) (2 original copies)
  • Oath of Office (CS Form No. 32, Revised 2018) (2 original copies)
  • Sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (2 original copies)
  • Position Description Form (DBM CSC Form No. 1, Revised 2017) (2 original copies)
  • Medical Certificate (CS Form No. 211, Revised 2018) (original copy)
  • Integrity Pledge (original copy)
  • Valid NBI Clearance (original copy)


The Commission on Audit is a good career choice for people who care about serving the public, being responsible, and doing the right thing.

They only hire people who are very serious about being professional and honest.

If you work for them, you’ll be part of an important organization that helps make the Philippines a better place for everyone.

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