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APO Production Unit, Inc.

This article delves into the transformative role played by APO Production Unit, Inc. in enhancing government operations through its customizable, reliable, and affordable printing services.

From crucial documents to high-security printing, APO’s offerings pave the way for streamlined processes and heightened security.

Discover how APO is shaping the future of government efficiency through cutting-edge printing solutions.

Boosting Government Efficiency with APO’s Printing Solutions

The public sector relies heavily on accurate documentation and secure identification processes.

APO’s wide range of products and services encompassing documents, IT solutions, and more, cater to these needs, fostering a more efficient government apparatus.

Key Products and Services

Passport Printing: APO revolutionizes the issuance of travel documents through advanced technology and security features. This highly regulated process ensures tamper-proof passports that adhere to stringent international standards.
Excise Tax Stamp Printing: APO’s excise tax stamps prevent illegal distribution of taxed products like tobacco and alcohol, contributing to proper revenue collection and ensuring products’ authenticity.
Identification Solutions: APO’s identification services combat identity theft and fraud. Through biometric technology and secure documentation, APO fortifies identity verification processes.
APO Production Unit made 3-M passports from January-September 2022

Other Services

Excise Tax Stamps: Since 2014, APO has produced 31.2 billion tobacco excise tax stamps for the Bureau of Internal Revenue. These stamps play a vital role in collecting taxes, deterring illegal activities, and ensuring transparency in transactions.
Other Security Prints: APO offers an array of security prints, including thermal rolls, continuous forms, labels, stickers, security seals, certificates, and even land titles.

Mandate and Function

Operational under Executive Order No. 4, APO Production Unit, Inc. functions as a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC), serving a unique role within the framework of the government.

Mandated by the General Appropriations Act of 2010, APO operates as one of the recognized government printers (RGPs), responsible for high-quality printing of accountable forms and sensitive materials for Philippine agencies.

Mission and Vision

APO’s mission revolves around providing highly-sensitive security printing services by leveraging innovative technologies and competent personnel.

The vision extends to becoming an integral component of the national government’s infrastructure, offering world-class printing solutions by 2018, even extending its services to foreign governments and international organizations by 2020.

Cutting-Edge Printing Technology

The APO Lima Printing Facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality security printing.

Intaglio printing, simultaneous offset printing, and variable digital printing are some of the advanced techniques employed to produce banknotes, passports, and secure documents.

Sustainable Practices

APO’s commitment to sustainability is evident through initiatives such as its solar farm, which contributes to both environmental preservation and economic savings.

Recognized with a Sustainability Award, APO’s efforts exemplify its dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and the community.

Quality and Security Certifications

ISO certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 28000:2007, underscore APO’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and security.

These certifications enhance APO’s operational excellence, ensuring efficient processes and customer satisfaction.

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Exploring APO Career Opportunities

For individuals seeking to be a part of APO’s transformative journey, various career opportunities await.

Positions like Logistics Department Head, IT Analyst Programmer, and Post Press Department Head offer prospects to contribute to APO’s innovative endeavors.

To explore these opportunities further, send your resume to hrad@apo.gov.ph or visit APO at 2/F PIA Building, Visayas Avenue, VASRA, Quezon City 1128.

For Lima Plant applicants, send your resume to mlicup@apo.gov.ph.


APO Production Unit, Inc. stands as a beacon of efficiency and innovation within the realm of government operations.

Through its specialized printing solutions, APO empowers the public sector, ensuring accuracy, security, and progress.

As APO continues to evolve and expand its reach, its commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

In case you’re looking for more, check out other enticing government job openings and elevate your career journey.

Frequently Asked Question

Explore these commonly asked questions to uncover key insights about APO Production Unit, Inc. and its impactful role in enhancing government efficiency through innovative printing solutions.

What is APO Production Unit, Inc.?

APO Production Unit, Inc. is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) that specializes in providing high-quality printing solutions for various government agencies and institutions.

What types of printing services does APO offer?

APO offers a wide range of printing services, including passport printing, excise tax stamp printing, identification solutions, thermal rolls, continuous forms, labels, certificates, and more.

How does APO contribute to government efficiency?

APO’s printing solutions enhance government efficiency by providing secure and accurate documentation, preventing tax evasion through excise tax stamps, and fortifying identity verification processes.

Is APO involved in sustainable practices?

Yes, APO is committed to sustainability. It has a solar farm that contributes to environmental preservation and economic savings, showcasing its dedication to a greener future.

What are some notable certifications of APO?

APO is ISO 9001:2015 certified for its quality management systems and ISO 28000:2007 certified for supply chain security activities. These certifications underline APO’s commitment to quality and security.

Can you provide examples of APO’s clients?

APO serves various Philippine government agencies and institutions that require secure and high-quality printing solutions. These include agencies involved in finance, travel, identification, and more.

How does APO ensure security in its printing services?

APO employs cutting-edge printing technologies such as intaglio printing, simultaneous offset printing, and variable digital printing to ensure the highest level of security in its products.

What career opportunities does APO offer?

APO offers a range of career opportunities, including positions like Logistics Department Head, IT Analyst Programmer, and Post Press Department Head. These roles contribute to APO’s innovative endeavors.

Can individuals apply for positions at APO?

Yes, individuals interested in joining APO’s transformative journey can explore career opportunities by submitting their resumes to the provided email addresses or visiting the designated locations.

How can I learn more about APO and its services?

To learn more about APO Production Unit, Inc. and its printing solutions, you can visit their official website, contact them through provided email addresses, or visit their physical location for more information.

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