DENR Central Office Hiring: Job Openings until June 27, 2022

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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Kapaligiran at Likas na Yaman, DENR or KKLY) is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for governing and supervising the exploration, development, utilization, and conservation of the country’s natural resources.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is responsible for the conservation, management, and development of the country’s environment and natural resources. It shall ensure the proper use of these resources and the protection of the environment within the framework of sustainable development.

Interestingly, DENR Central Office Published Vacancies until June 27, 2022. Position Description of Vacancies, Functions and Responsibilities, and other informations can be viewed below, access the pdf and check also the qualification standard and other important things to know.

  • Attorney III (SG21/Php 62,449)
  • Project Evaluation Officer V (SG24/Php 88,410)
  • Chief Administrative Officer (SG24/Php 88,410)
  • Statistician V (SG24/Php 88,410)
  • Information Technology Officer III (SG24/Php 88,410)
  • Internal Auditor IV (SG22/Php 69,963)
  • Four (4) Development Management Officer II (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • Economist II (SG15/Php 35, 097)
  • Three (3) Project Evaluation Officer II (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • Development Management Officer IV (SG22/Php 69,963)
  • Three (3) Development Management Officer I (SG11/Php 25,439)
  • Information Officer IV (SG22/Php 69,963)
  • Administrative Assistant II (Artist Illustrator II) (SG8/Php 18,998)
  • Librarian II (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • Public Relations Officer II (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • Administrative Aide VI (SG6/Php 16,877)
  • Executive Assistant III (SG20/Php 55,799)
  • Senior Administrative Assistant III (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • Administrative Assistant V (SG11/Php 25,439)

Documentary Requirements

Interested and qualified applicants including persons with disability (PWD) and members of the indigenous communities irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identities should signify their interest in writing. Submit the following documents to the address below NOT LATER THAN JUNE 27, 2022.

  1. Signed application letter (specifying the Position Title, Item Number, and Office applied for and its date of publication);
  2. Fully accomplished and signed Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and CS Form No. 212 or Work Experience Sheet (WES). PDS must include a recent passport-sized picture and three (3) Character References (either a former supervisor/professor/anyone superior who has overseen the applicant’s work and interpersonal abilities).
  3. Authenticated copy of proof of Eligibility (CSC, PRC, etc.) (with supporting documents if name appearing on Eligibility Certificate is different from name in the PDS) Proof of Eligibility if R.A 1080: Authenticated copy of Professional License, Certificate of Registration, and Report of Rating;
  4. Authenticated copy of Transcript of Records and Diploma;
  5. Certified copy of IPCR (July 1 to December 31, 2021) (for government employees only);
  6. Copies of Certificates of Training programs completed; and
  7. Certificate of Employment from all previous employers/Certified copy of Service Record


How to Apply

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to send through email their application to:

Human Resource Development Service
DENR C.O., Main Bldg., Visayas Ave., Diliman, Q.C.


History of the DENR

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources was first established on January 1, 1917 as the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) through the enactment of Act No. 2666 by the Philippine Commission, otherwise known as "An Act to Re-organize the Executive Department of the Government of the Philippine Islands," on November 18, 1916. In 1932, the DANR was reorganized into the Department of Agriculture and Commerce (DAC).

In 1947, a reorganization act changed the DAC back to the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The Natural Resources arm of the DANR was finally spun off on May 17, 1974 as the Ministry of Natural Resources. On January 30, 1987, the Ministry was reorganized into the Department of Environment, Energy and Natural Resources, by Executive Order No. 131 and was finally reorganized into the Department of Environment and Natural Resources by Executive Order No. 192 on June 10, 1987. DENR worked on large-scale reforestation of Davao City under the national greening program (NGP), its flagship project that lasted for a period of six years, from 2011 to 2016.
Source: DENR