‘Much Worse Than Omicron Virus’ – Quiboloy warns if his persecution is not halted

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the self-proclaimed “appointed son of God” and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ sect, has warned that if he is continuously “hurt and persecuted,” the world and his accusers will suffer a fate “much worse than the Omicron virus.”

Quiboloy, President Rodrigo Duterte’s spiritual adviser, is charged in the United States with child sex trafficking and financial fraud.

On Sunday, the sect leader retaliated against his accusers, calling it the “biggest assault and fire of persecution” that “maligned” his reputation.

During a Sunday worship service in Davao City, the president’s hometown, Quiboloy declared that “flesh-eating bacteria immune to any vaccine” will afflict his alleged persecutors.

“Various variants of the COVID-19 are only an introduction. If you keep hurting, persecuting, and harming the appointed son in the kingdom, you will see much worse than the Omicron virus,” Quiboloy told his followers.

“You might see in the future, people walking their flesh rotting away, but they’re still alive. Flesh-eating bacteria that are immune to any vaccine will come and destroy the inhabitants of the earth,” he further stated.

According to the complaint, Quiboloy allegedly used his position as religious chief to entice or coerce girls and young women to have sex with him during “night duties.”

However, Quiboloy refuted the allegations. He warned his “persecutors” that they would face a far harsher punishment for “the way you treat the appointed son.”

“The day of the Lord is here — do not ever, ever play a joke, or continue to pursue the persecution of the appointed son because the Father in heaven has already declared through the appointed son. No one can escape this,” Quiboloy said.

“The way you treat the appointed son of God here is the way the world is going to receive its judgment… You want this to stop? Stop persecuting, prosecuting, maligning and falsely accusing the appointed son. If you continue to do that, the world will suffer,” he added.

It’s not the first time the pastor has claimed to have power over nature’s forces.

Quiboloy declared in November 2019 that people should thank him for halting the ongoing aftershocks of the 6.6-magnitude earthquake that shook the province of North Cotabato and neighboring provinces on the southern Mindanao island. At least eight people were killed and nearly 400 were injured as a result of the quake.

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