Israel detects its first case of COVID-19 variant from in South Africa

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According to the Israeli Health Ministry, the country’s first incidence of a novel coronavirus variant was discovered in a visitor returning from Malawi.

According to a statement issued by the Health Ministry on Friday, the traveler and two other suspected cases have been held in isolation. It said that all three had been vaccinated but that their precise vaccination status is being investigated.

A novel coronavirus strain has been discovered in South Africa, raising concerns among experts due to its high number of mutations and rapid dissemination among young people in Gauteng, the country’s most populous region.

Late Thursday, the government designated South Africa and six other African countries as “red countries” from which foreign people are forbidden from visiting Israel. Israelis returning from certain nations must be isolated for a period of time.

Late last year, Israel started one of the world’s earliest and most successful vaccination initiatives, and about half of the population has gotten a booster dose. Israel has broadened its program to cover youngsters as young as five years old.

However, the country has lately seen a surge in new cases caused by the delta variety, which was just recently brought under control.

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