P20-Million Housing Project in Davao del Norte starts its construction

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The National Housing Authority is building a PHP20-million housing project for 100 Indigenous Peoples (IP) in Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte, began on Thursday, according to authorities.

Mayor Ernesto Evangelista stated in a statement that the house project, called “Balai Karowayan No Bakalag,” will be the new home for 100 Ata-Manobo settlers in Sitio Talos, Barangay San Jose in Sto. Tomas.

The “Balai Karowayan No Bakalag” is the most recent development initiative aimed at the area’s Ata-Manobo inhabitants, who had been neglected by past governments, according to the mayor.

“Through government service, I am happy that we have given them a comfortable abode. For the longest time, we finally granted their request to the government. We do this because I want them to benefit from the government’s program,” Evangelista said.

“Aside from infrastructure projects, we have poured sufficient resources to mobilize the IP youth, women, and children for the continuing improvement of our economic and social conditions, including employment, vocational training, housing, sanitation, and health,” Evangelista added.

Meanwhile, municipal administrator lawyer Elisa Evangelista stated that they now have a better vision for the IPs after creating a strategy for them that emphasizes their well-being for peace and growth.

“Through the housing program, we would be able to build thousands of housing units that benefit the IP community, as well as low-income families. We will see to it that the community would feel the presence of the government through political will,” she said.