LTO, CDE now required for drivers license renewals

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Aside from passports, locally issued driver’s licenses now have a 10-year validity period—at least for “good” drivers with no traffic infractions. However, if you want to renew it for the good 10-year validity, you’ll need to take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education course (CDE).

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced that all drivers wishing to renew their license must now complete Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) and earn certification before their renewal application can be approved. The CDE is now required not only for new drivers, but also for license renewals.

Starting Oct. 28, all drivers intending to renew their license will be required to obtain a certification from the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE), according to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

“Ang lahat ng magrerenew ay kailangang dumaan sa Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) upang matanggap nila ang kanilang CDE Certificate,”

(All renewers must go through Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) in order to receive their CDE Certificate.)

as per LTO’s recent advisory.

“Susundanito sa iba pang mga opisina sa National Capital Region sa ika-3 Nobyembre, 2021,”

(It will be followed by other offices in the National Capital Region on November 3, 2021.)

LTO on its advisory.

The LTO went on to say that the start date for all places outside of the NCR would be notified at a later date.

Aside from CDE certification, drivers can now apply for a 10-year Driver’s License renewal if they do not have a traffic violation record; those who do can only apply for a 5-year renewal.

The CDE materials are available from the LTO Portal website, LTO offices, and LTO-Accredited Driving Schools.

Meanwhile, the LTO announced in a separate advisory that the validity of all Student Permits, Driver’s Licenses, and Conductor’s Licenses slated to expire in October will be extended until December 31.

“in consideration of the existing Quarantine Restrictions in the country.”

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