Pastor Apollo Quiboloy plans to run for president in the 2022 election

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the self-anointed Son of God and head of the religious group Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name, stated that he would be compelled to run for President if no one powerful enough to succeed President Rodrigo Duterte was found.

Quiboloy, the President’s long-time televangelist acquaintance, issued the challenge when Senator Manny Pacquiao, who had previously announced his candidacy for President, continued to reject his challenge to a public debate.

Quiboloy criticized Pacquiao’s previous discriminatory statements toward the LGBT population, which Pacquiao appeared to modify after declaring his candidacy for President.

“Ganyan ang magiging pangulo niyo, mapipilitan akong tumakbo para di na makaiwas sa debate,”

(That would be your next president, I will be forced to run so that he could no longer avoid the public debate)

Quiboloy stated this in his television program, which was broadcast on his own SMNI network on Tuesday.

Instead of accepting his challenge, Pacquiao sued the Pastor for P100 million in libel.

Quiboloy also threatened any “CPP-NPA lovers” that if he decided to run for President, he would target and expose them. He stated that even if he did not have a political party, he would be extremely capable of running.

“Partido ko ang Dios,” (God is my political party).

Quiboloy proclaimed.

“Let us wait until October 8. You can’t avoid it if it’s the Father’s will,”

Quiboloy stated in a statement broadcast by his own news network, SMNI.

“You, CPP-NPA supporters, will have to face me if I run for President. In addition, I have my own platform.”

He added

“I’m hoping I won’t be labeled a bother since I have more capacity than you have. I may not have a political party, but God is my political party.”

Quiboloy declared.

If he decides to run, the Pastor has threatened to go after all CPP-NPA friends, sympathizers, and stooges with the aid of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-Elcac). He also vowed to run a campaign against any political candidate with communist ties.

“Kailangang matuldukan na ang salot na ‘to,”

[We must put a stop to this plague]

he stated.


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