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“The Comeback We Never Want,” says a netizen on JaMill’s comeback vlog, JaMill hit-back to its bashers


Camille and Jayzam, popularly known as JaMill, YouTube vloggers, responded to netizens’ comments.

A few weeks ago, the sudden removal of popular YouTuber Jamill from their YouTube channel became the buzz of the internet.

Their YouTube account already has over 12 million subscribers, which is unusual for a Filipino vlog channel.

That’s why everyone was taken aback by the couple’s decision to remove their YouTube channel, which they had worked hard to build up over the years.

But the two stunned everyone when they returned to YouTube just a few days ago and release their new vlog, which seemed to thrill their avid admirers after they garnered more than 400K followers in just four days.

But, unlike others, many laughed at what they did, while others claimed that it was all a ruse to re-establish their reputation.

Camille stated in their first video that she was simply swept away by her emotions and decided to deactivate their YouTube channel.

And then she added that it would serve as a lesson to everyone not to make hasty decisions, especially when they may come to regret them later.

In their second vlog for their new YouTube channel they read most of the good and bad comments of netizens on their return to vlogging.

In their second video for their new YouTube account, they read the majority of the positive and negative comments made by netizens about their comeback to vlogging.

The two laughed at the start of the film because the media had noticed them again because of their comeback, and Jayzam joked that perhaps their farts would make news.

They read the positive remarks of some of their ardent fans, who were relieved to see them again because they had missed seeing them.

Then they read the unfavorable comments, particularly the majority, “The comeback we never want,” which only the two of them laughed at.

“Pwede kayo mag-restart… Paano kung kami ay namumuhay sa salita ng ibang tao na ‘O sabi niyo ayaw niyo na mag-vlog ha. Bakit magva-vlog ulit kayo?”

“So hindi na kami makaka-bwelo? Gustung-gusto namin ulit mag-vlog pero takot kami sa salitang ibabato sa amin? Pwedeng-pwede ka mag-restart ng buhay mo na hindi ka nag-aalangan at hindi ka natatakot sa salitang ibabato sa’yo ng tao,” Jayzam said.

“Tsaka hindi ka naman mabubuhay ng salita ng ibang tao,” Camille added.

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