BFP NCR will be Conducting the Hiring and Selection process for the rank/position of Fire Officer 1. In line with the human resource needs of BFP-NCR, the Vacancies will be preferably occupied by applicants Possessing particular courses, profession, and skills.

1. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine2
2. Doctor of Dental Medicine5
3. Pharmacist2
4. Psychometrician2
5. Accountant5
6. Legal Writer (Bachelor’s of Law, AB Legal Management, Paralegal Studies and Political Science) 5
7. Graphic Designer (BS Graphic and Design, BS Multimedia Arts and BS IT Major in Digital Arts and Design) 5
8. Computer Programmer (BS IT) 5
9. Mechanical Engineer 5
10. Civil Engineer5
11. Electrical Engineer5
12. Chemical Engineer5
13. Other Courses19

Online Registration

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In Addition, be informed that Republic Act 11549 otherwise known as “PNP, BFP, BJMP AND BUCOR HEIGHT EQUALITY ACT” is already Implemented.


Read the BFP Salary Grade here

Application Requirements

One (1) set of White Folder (properly tabbed) containing the following Documentary Requirements:

  • A. Original Copy of Application Letter addressed to the Regional Director stating the specific name of BFP Offices/Station (City/Municipal Fire Station) applying for;
  • B. Two (2) sets of duly accomplished Computerized Personal Data Sheet (PDS) NOTE: • Use Blue Inked Pen in affixing signature • Passport Size Picture in FO1 Applicant Attire, white background with handwritten Name Tag and Signature, Computerized Generated is not allowed, Size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm
  • C. Three (3) copies of duly authenticated 2nd Level Eligibility (PRC/CSC),
  • D. Three (3) copies of duly authenticated by the school registrar TOR & DIPLOMA;
  • E. Two (2) Original copies of Birth Certificate issued by PSA; (For Married Applicant Two (2) Original copies of Marriage Certificate issued by PSA and Two (2) Original copies of Birth Certificate of Dependents issued by PSA)
  • F. One (1) Original copy of Clearances: Barangay (NCR), MTC (NCR), Police (NCR), RTC (NCR), Mayor (NCR) and NBI
  • G. One (1) Photocopy of Certificate of Waiver issued by the Chief, BFP (in case applicant did not meet the height and/or age requirement;
  • H. One (1) Photocopy of Professional Driver’s License with restriction code 2 and 3 (PDL 23) and National Certificate (NC II or III) in driving issued by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) (if any);
  • I. One (1) Photocopy of Certificate of Membership issued by National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) and National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) (For applicants who met the required age/height but a member of Indigenous Group);
  • J. One (1) copy of Authenticated Appointment and Service Record (for former and current government employees);
  • K. One (1) Photocopy of Philhealth, Pag-ibig and TIN Number/Identification Card.

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Source: BFP-NCR Admin Division