Housing Units in Sagay City, Negros Occidental, Now an Abandoned Place

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Yolanda housing units located in Paraiso Heights Phase 2, Brgy. Paraiso in the city of Sagay, Negros Occidental.

According to the Radyo Bandera investigative team, Paraiso Heights Phase 1 and Phase 2 were completed in 2017, with one thousand units each.

Phase 1 has already been occupied where more than 800 units are already in residence.

Meanwhile, in Phase 2, there are still more than 300 people living and there are still many vacancies.

In an interview conducted by Radyo Bandera Bacolod with Punong Barangay Pet Flores, the developer would still be responsible for the said units that have not yet been occupied, they should be the ones to maintain them.

But because the situation in the area caught their attention, according to Flores, the barangay officials volunteered to clean and cut the growing weeds which is supposed to be the job of the city’s housing board.

The Brgy. Chairman added that the housing developer called for help to clean the units.

Many families have been provided with housing, most of them living here along the coast and in areas that are often flooded.

After verifying that these families are eligible to get a house, they submit it to the housing board for a final decision, now they are just starting to clear the area. |Roel Pineda via Radyo Bandera 103.9 Bacolod

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