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The National Prosecution Service (NPS) is mandated to assist the Secretary of Justice in the performance of powers and functions of the Department relative to its role as the prosecution arm of the government, particularly the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses. The said mandate and present NPS organization is contained in Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1275, as amended, and EO 292.

Last August 13, 2021 the National Prosecution Service published a Vacancies for Aspiring Prosecutors Nationwide, click here to read the full details of the Vacancies.

How to apply?

Interested and Qualified applicants should address their application to the secretary of Justice through the Prosecutor General and respective Regional Prosecutor where the vacant position/’s exists and submit to the respective Regional Prosecution Office or sent email to the official email address of the Regional Office/s Concern.

Or send mail at postal address:

Personnel Division
Department of Justice
Padre Faura St..,
Ermita, Manila 1000

Or send electronic copy at email addresses: or


Documentary requirements to be submitted in electronic image, should be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and emailed, following order of documents as enumerated below.

The documentary requirements must be original or certified true copies

Documentary Requirements

Standard Requirements
  1. Application Letter;
  2. Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet, preferably Computerized;
  3. Recommendation from Head of Office where the vacancy exists, if applicable;
  4. Latest MCLE Compliance;
  5. Clearance:
  • Civil Service Commission Clearance
  • NBI Clearance
  • Ombudsman Clearance
  • Sandiganbayan Clearance
  1. For applicants/recommendees with the pending case/s, to submit the following documents
  • Recommendation letter from the Head of Office affirming his/her recommendation despite pending case/s
  • Copies of affidavit complaint, with complete attachments/annexes;
  • Counter affidavit, answer or reply with complete attachments/annexes
  • Rejoinder and comment to the rejoinder, with complete attachments/annexes(if filed);
  • Other related documents, e.g., Office of the President/ Sandiganbayan/Court of Appeals/supreme Court decisions, if any.
Additional Requirements (For Original Transfer/Re Employment)
  1. Neuro-Psychiatric examination/Drug Test (Government Accredited Institution)
  2. Photocopy of Certificate of Admission to the BAR
  3. Certificate of No Pending (PAO Applicants)
Additional Requirements (for promotion for Head of Office and Assistant Head Position)
  1. Neuro-Psychiatric examination/Drug Test (Government Accredited Institution)
  2. Certification that he/she is the lone qualified applicant and need to be appointed in the exigency of the service (if applicable)
  3. Certificate of No Backlog

Note: At least a proof of receipt of application for CLEARANCES will be accepted for the meantime due to
COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Department of Justice

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