Chesham Recruitment Inc. is a land based recruitment agency duly licensed by the (POEA) Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Specializing in the career placement of Filipino professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment.

Chesham Recruitment Inc. operates to the guest international standards, in terms or clarity or communications with clients and candidates, effective screening, selection and processing of candidates and integrity. Their senior staff have extensive experience in the recruitment industry and personal overseas management experience in various business sectors. Their take extra care in preparing and orientating candidates for their new assignment, especially in relation to the customs, traditions and sensitivities of their new location. Irrespective of global location, their International Director communicates personally, in great detail, with each client, to ensure that they are accurately representing the specific needs of the client and the specific working and living conditions relating to each particular vacancy. This ensures a clear understanding between employer and employee, on all aspects of their proposed relationship.

Dietitians and nutritionists counsel clients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits. Dietitians and nutritionists are experts in the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. They plan and conduct food service or nutritional programs to help people lead healthy lives.

A Dietitian, or Registered Dietitian, creates nutrition plans to improve the health and physical conditions of patients. Their main duties include analyzing patients’ health status, goals and dietary restrictions, tracking clients’ dietary intake and progress and educating patients on how to maintain a balanced diet. A Dietitian looks at a facility’s dietary needs and provides answers to combat malnourishment. They must ensure that proper courtesy is established when serving in-house patients. Knowing who that exact patient is and who’s to receive a menu-listed meal is crucial knowledge.

Dietitians work for different healthcare facilities meeting with patients to build meal plans that follow their dietary restrictions and improve their health. They work closely with patients to understand their dietary needs, preferences and goals. They use this information to develop a nutrition plan catered specifically for that patient. 

The Dietitian will continuously monitor the patient’s progress and will update their nutrition plan accordingly. Dietitians must also conduct research to regularly stay informed on the latest nutrition and food health updates. They may also travel to schools or community organizations to educate groups on healthy eating habits and the best nutritional methods to follow.

Dietitians have a keen understanding of nutrition as it aligns with legal scope and standards. Their knowledge of nutrition guides their daily decisions. Dietitians are also judged on the sincerity of their interest in the health of others. An attentive focus during long hours should be expected. Dietitians do have notable degrees to rely on, but certifications are required as a national standard for work. The nature of medicine will also compel these caregivers to react to urgent tasks across different skill sets. Dietitians must learn direction from physicians, psychiatrists or last-care providers. The industry’s most respected credentials for this role include GCSE certificates, A-level courses and post-graduate courses in dietetics. Any experience in the duties of nutrition are sought by employers. Applicants are urged to report their past experiences for any health care status. Hiring managers are open to the work histories of dietetic assistant practitioners specifically. Any proven contributions in dietetics should be presented as credible. Meal clerks often come in the form of dietary aides who, in the daily task of delivering food, are adequate candidates for being future Dietitians. Dietary aides ensure that patients actually consume their nutrition meals.

Hiring 100 Dietitian in Ireland

  • Vacancies: 50
  • Salary per year: EUR 41,158.00-53,532.00 per year (Around Php 2,376,816.63 – 3,092,880.29)
  • Deadline: Not Indicated

Job Description

  • Ensure that professional standards are maintained in accordance with the requirements as set out by CORU.
  • Identity nutritional problems through individual assessment of nutritional status and estimation of requirements.
  • Can be based anywhere in Ireland.


  • A minimum of 2 year(s) of working experience is required
  • Candidates must be a Professional License(Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam) holder.


Principal / Employer Address: 8-34 PERCY PLACE, DUBLIN, IRELAND

Placement Fee: This job has no placement fee.


For manpower pooling only. No fees in any form and/or purpose will be collected from the applicants. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

How to Apply:

For interested applicants please click the link to apply: and be sure to upload your updated CV or resume.

For further information, you may contact the recruitment agency at telephone number 750-0640; 750-0641;
750-0642 0or submit your application via email so the recruiter can contact you for further instructions.
Walk in applicants can also visit the agency to submit their CV for immediate screening. The office of
Chesham Recruitment Inc. is located at Address, Philippines.

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