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Friendly, safe, modern, convenient, and dynamic are words commonly used to describe Taiwan. Its outstanding higher education system provides opportunities for international students to study a variety of courses and programs. Taiwan has a lot to offer to the world. International students are now considering Taiwan as their first choice for undergraduate and graduate degree programs, along with short-term study programs. And Taiwan is known for many outstanding cultural aspects: its popular multi-ethnic cuisine, historic landmarks and pristine environment, to name a few. Taiwan is an ideal place for international students who
want to learn Mandarin Chinese, also called Mandarin, Huayu, Guoyu, Hanyu, Putonghua, and Zhongwen in Chinese-speaking communities around the world. Taiwan is also an ideal place for learning traditional Chinese characters, which allows you to better connect with classic Chinese literature and culture. Furthermore, learning the characters also allows you to do handwritten communication with people who speak other Chinese dialects.

The Elite Study in Taiwan Project (ESIT) is commissioned by the Ministry of Education. Since established in 2008, ESIT has provided necessary services for the higher education cooperation between Taiwan and Southeast and East Asian countries, as well as creating new opportunities. ESIT has brought together 87 of Taiwan’s universities and colleges to form the ESIT Consortium, members of which will offer English-language master’s and doctorate programs in various fields. Part of its role will be to provide a bridge between the students of Southeast Asian countries and the ESIT Consortium schools and allow more students who hope to come to Taiwan to study to learn more about Taiwan’s high-quality higher education system and assist the Consortium schools promote their programs.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) created the Elite Scholarship Program in order to encourage lecturers from countries in South and Southeast Asia to pursue a graduate degree in Taiwan (with priority given to students enrolling in doctoral programs). One hundred students an academic year over a period of three academic years may be awarded this scholarship (i.e. a total of three hundred students). The scholarship program will run for a total of five years: September 2020 until August 2025. This scholarship was created in accordance with the New Southbound Policy Work Plan which was announced by the Executive Yuan in December, 2016, and to fulfillthe short-, medium-, and long-term plans of the MOE New Southbound Policy– Talent Development Program.

Basis and Standards

  1. The scholarship program will be managed in accordance with the MOE Elite Scholarship Program Action Plan.
  2. The Elite Scholarship Program provides each student with a monthly stipend of NT$25,000/ Php 45,889.36. A master’s student may claim stipends up to a maximum of two years; a doctoral student may claim stipends up to a maximum of three years.
  3. Stipends may be used to cover tuition and miscellaneous fees, thesis supervision, insurance, accommodations, internet use and living allowance.
  4. Students will receive the stipend from the month they begin studies until the scholarship expires; the student graduates, takes a leave of absence, or discontinues studies; or the scholarship is suspended/terminated.
  5. Students will lose the scholarship if they fail to meet the standards required by their school, violate ROC law, receive a demerit on their academic record, take a leave of absence, or are expelled.
  6. The scholarship will be revoked if the student pursues studies abroad as an exchange or dual-degree student. Remaining stipends may not be retained or deferred. The student’s scholarship will be suspended if they depart Taiwan. A student who departs Taiwan after the fifteenth day of a month is not required to return the stipend for that month.


  1. Schools:
    • There are a sufficient number of English-taught courses and programs to allow students enough credit to graduate.
    • At least twenty international students were enrolled in graduate programs at the school during the previous academic year.
  2. Students: A scholarship recipient must hold the position of lecturer at a public or private higher education institution in a country of South or Southeast Asian. However, students are ineligible for the scholarship if one of the conditions below applies.

Students may not apply if they:

  1. Hold Taiwan (R.O.C.) nationality or have the status of an overseas Chinese student.
  2. Are enrolled or have retained admission in a university in Taiwan. (This restriction does not apply to students who are on course to graduate and will be pursuing their next degree; however, they must still be a lecturer from a South or Southeast Asian country.)
  3. Previously studied in Taiwan for a degree at the same level.
  4. Are exchange students or dual-degree students through a partnership agreement with an institution overseas.
  5. Has already received stipends through this program for more than three years.
  6. Have been awarded another form of financial assistance or scholarship from a Taiwan (R.O.C.) government agency to support their studies in Taiwan.

Application Requirements

  1. Fully-accomplished application form: https://www.roc taiwan.org/ph_en/post/7802.html?fbclid=lwAR2U202LabQG52AFzhw2Nl17MYUSxibvojl_nhY5RLF3elRQgKUL wmluvg
  2. Lecturer Certificate (Proof of Current Teaching Position)
  3. Diploma and Transcript of Records with GWA authenticated by University, CHED, DFA, and TECO respectively a. Unauthenticated documents will be temporarily accepted
  4. Colored photocopy of passport valid for at least 6 months
  5. “English as a Medium of Instruction” Certificate issued by the school you graduated from or a valid IELTS or TOEFL certificate
  6. Two recommendation letters from professors, supervisors, or university officials
  7. Comprehensive study plan
  8. Essay answering the following guide questions:
    • Objective/s in taking the Taiwan Scholarship
    • Possible impact of taking the scholarship in your future career path
    • Possible contribution/s to the enhancement of the bilateral relations between Taiwan and the Philippines

Application FAQs

  1. When can apply for the scholarship program?
    • Application period for the Elite Scholarship is from September 1-25, 2022.
  2. How can submit my documents?
    • Documents must be sent in hard copies at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office located at the 41st Floor, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City.
  3. Will the scholarship cover my tuition and other expenses? The scholarship provides a monthly stipend of NT$25,000/ Php 45,889.36. The stipend may be used to cover tuition and miscellaneous fees, thesis supervision, insurance, accomodations, internet use and living allowance.
  4. How many years will I be able to receive my scholarship allowance?
    • A master’s student may claim stipends up to a maximum of two years; a doctoral student may claim stipends up to a maximum of three years.
  5. What are the programs I can apply to? You may only apply to one program that is english-taught. Please refer to this website for the list of english-taught programs: https://www.roctaiwan.org/ph_en/post/5767.html
The application period is from September 1 to September 25, 2022! For inquiries, contact +632 8887 6688 local 153 or email tecoeducation01@gmail.com.

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